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Thread: iPhone Video Recorder for iPhone V3.0 released.

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    Default iPhone Video Recorder for iPhone V3.0 released.
    iPhone Video Recorder for iPhone V3.0 released:

    Try it:
    Icy installer source: ""

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    Am I missing something? Was'nt this released in November?

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    not for the 3.0 FW its been updated
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    Oh I see now. For iPhone V3. Its the same as the video recorder software version (V3). Thanks!

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    Default How to get iPhoneVideoRecorder 3.1 to work on iPhone 3.0 jailboken firmware
    OK I took the time and watched the totally too long and totally bad quality video instructions at YouTube and somewhat transcribed the instructions provided in that video. It worked fine for me. Thanks.

    1. Open Cydia

    2. If you have an old, non-working version if iPhoneVideoRecorder 3G on your phone make sure to uninstall it first

    3. In Cydia tap on "Manage" -> "Sources" -> "Edit" -> "Add". Now you are prompted to add your new source and it shows a text box starting with "http://". Enter the following after the "http://":
    Now tap the "Add Source" button

    4. After the source updates go back into Cydia and click "Done" button in top right corner of screen.

    5. Now you are back to the "Sources" screen and tap that newly added source under "Entered by User" category. Then you should now see "Video Recorder for 3.0". Tap it, and in the top right corner tap on "Install".


    Source (I tracked back):
    [ame=]YouTube - How to get Iphone video recorder 3.0 application onto your jailbroken iphone 3.0 firmware[/ame]

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    The quality of the YouTube video is a joke. Further more the YouTube author is promoting Warz by offering a code so people can enable the full version for free. Shame on you!!!
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    What's wrong with Cycorder?
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    The videos come out better using this app imho....ive take dozens of vids with it.
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