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Thread: Apple iPhone 3G Stores Need To Teach Employees

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    Default Apple iPhone 3G Stores Need To Teach Employees
    Apple iPhone is still one of the top selling mobile devices at retail stores. Store owners should really educate their employees on both service and 3G support.

    Apple Inc's iPhone is probably the top selling mobile devices at retail stores, but some employees just aren't into the gadget as their customers are. For example, after visited two local Wal-Mart stores, one employee was very grateful in helping me, while other employees are in a rush to leave.

    Apple iPhone 3G mobile devices at Wal-Mart is a good. However, it does matter which retail store you go to. Most of the smartphone shoppers know a bit about the iPhone before making their purchase decision. Fortunately, the gadget is becoming well known name and just about everyone knows its features and capabilities.

    We shopped at a Wal-Mart store in Orlando and found a customer waiting at the counter to buy his new iPhone. Robert Gates, 42, hasn't purchased a new cell phone in over 6 years. This appeared to be an easy sell, but no one was at the counter to help the iPhone customer.

    Apple iPhone 3G customer leaves Wal-Mart about waiting for more than 45 minutes.

    "I've been waiting here for over 45 minutes," Gates said. "Only one person from the appliance department stopped by and said someone in electronics would be here."

    Frustrated and out of patience, the iPhone 3G customer grabbed his car keys and exited the store. Then, just like clockwork, an employee from the department arrived at the counter. After a minute or so, he quickly went back behind a closed door marked "Employees Only."

    The whole thing was funny to me, but I began to wonder if all Wal-Mart stores treated iPhone 3G customers the same way. I decided to visit another store about 20 miles north of Orlando. I pretended to be a customer and wanted my new smartphone. I was greeted by an employee which appeared to be in his early 20s.

    The electronics employee was more than helpful by showing me the iPhone, informing me of its options, and he went so far to take out his own personal device to show me how to view Google Earth maps. I was impressed. It became obvious to me that he wanted the sale and was really into the gadget

    TV remotes turn into smartphone devices behind the dark door.

    When the sales pitch was done, and I begin to leave, the employee disappeared into that same dark door. It's something that reminds me of the movie "Click", when Adam Sandler found that door labeled "Beyond." What if I went in there and found a mad scientist with an iPhone instead of a TV remote? Perhaps the employees are in on it too?

    Apple should send some secret iPhone 3G shoppers into Wal-Mart. I can understand if employees are busy, but some of them always seem stressed out and are never around when you need them. This could have an impact on Wal-Mart sales and the Apple iPhone device.
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    What a stupid article. Apple should teach a minimum wage Walmart employee to care? Yeah, GOOD LUCK with that one.

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    That's why you should just go to Apple or AT&T. Walmart people never care about anything...

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