Hi - Thanks for any help I am offered. I have learned so much around here in the past month and I'm having a blast tinkering with my phone.

But now I'm stuck. I downgraded my phone and reinstalled apptap the day of the upgrade to 1.1.1.

I am trying to transfer some themes and dialers, et cetera, via Transmit (I also tried with Fugu). I am connecting ok through wifi, I see the files being transferred on my computer screen, I even see the files in SMBPref - but when I try to use them my screen reverts to the standard screen and icons. I've restarted everything numerous times, connected to itunes and disconnected... I wanted to use Breezy but I have the newest itunes. (Is is possible to downgrade itunes? I can't find an older version of the software.)

My apologies if this is a redundant problem. I have read through tons here, but cannot get the search function to work (I get a 'too few words used' error, or some such nonsense no matter how manny words I use).

Many thanks.