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Thread: Missing icon

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    Default Missing icon
    I have a problem I need help with.

    I'm running 1.1.4 on my iPhone, and recently decided to mod it with a keypad dialer skin.

    I copied the files in the Surra-Black dialer with iPhonebrowser, and things seemed to be working fine, until, I pressed the + key, to make an international call. Turned out the + key had been disabled completely.

    Anyways, I got scared, and decided to do a clean re-install of the, which I downloaded from the Native Apps on MMI.

    Installed all the files in the correct directories and restarted iPhone. Now the Phone icon is completely missing from the dock, and I have no clue how to get it back in there. Its not even present anywhere else on my Summerboard.

    Repeated resprings have not helped.

    Someone please advise me how I can get back the Phone icon back onto the dock, so that I can make calls. Until then, I've only 3 icons on the dock, and there's a missing (blank) space where the Phone icon used to be.

    Thanks in advance.

    Edited to add: Ok, the problem appears graver. Even after completely reinstalling all the files in the directory - and restarting the phone, not only is the Phone icon missing, but none of the other icons work. Pressing any icon just darkens it, but no applications are launched! I have a ton of apps and other stuff on the phone, and really dont wanna restore the phone. Would really appreciate if some guru could help me sort out this mess.
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    you shouldn't mess with stock apps.
    i recommend a restore
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    Did you set the +x attribute on the phone app after you installed it and the other binaries in that directory?
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