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Thread: mp3 RingTones

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    Default mp3 RingTones
    what software would i use for me to use mp3 ringtones? Cause i really need this, or is there an app on installer that does this? im on 1.1.4 8 Gig and im using Mac OSX Leopard
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    Well, if you were running a WinPC there is a free app called "Iringer" that awesome.

    On a Mac, aside from purchasing ringtones in Itunes, what I have done before is use audio editing software (can find free apps, google it) to cut a 30sec piece out of an mp3, then you can do this to get it on the phone:

    1. Just rename the extension manually to .caf (that is the default sound file on iphone), no converting necessary, just rename.

    2. SSH into the phone and replace one of your existing original ringtones with your new one. When I say "original", I mean one of those crappy ringers on the phone, just rename your file to match the originals name EXACTLY and overwrite it.

    3. Choose that ringtone on the phone and you will have an mp3 ringtone.

    Long method, but it works, and its free.

    There may be some other software out for Mac, but I havent heard of any - but im also not running a Mac.

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    OK, here's the method that I use to mp3 ring tones onto the iPhone.

    Firstly, the iPhone only supports the AAC format for ringtones and the ringtone itself can be no longer than 30 seconds long.

    I used an application called Audacity to edit my mp3 files, its free to download but I guess any sound editor will do.

    Once you've edited your track (it must be no shorter the 28.5 seconds apparently) import it into iTunes. Highlight it in the track list window and convert it to AAC (you'll need to set this in your iTunes preferences).

    When that's done right click on it and locate it in the Finder and MOVE it to your desktop. Go back to iTunes and delete both of the sound clips, one will have an mp3 file behind it (send it to the trash) and one will be a blank entry as you've just put it on the desktop.

    Then, go to the file on your desktop and rename it from a .m4a file to a .m4r file.

    Make sure the ring tone window is open in iTunes and drag the .m4r file into and, hey presto!, an iPhone ringtone. Synch your iPhone and you're all done.

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