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Thread: Restore Question

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    After hanging around here for the past two months, this community has been awesome, but I do have one question...

    I've been at 1.0.2, never unlocked but have added 3rd party apps. I have seen many cases where the phone gets bricked even though it was just modded, not unlocked. So, if I went to Itunes and just hit restore, and restored to 1.0.2 (not updated), would the phone still possibly brick whenever I update to 1.1.1? Or do I have to "virginize" the phone, even though it was never unlocked?

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    From everything I have read it sounds like the 1.1.1 update just removes the Apps and doesn't brick anything. So updating or restoring to 1.1.1 doesn't brick the phone if your on AT&T as you can still use it as a fully functional iPhone. The question should be why would you want to go to 1.1.1 at this point. Thats the real question.


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    I don't want to, I'm just wondering, like if my phone were to crash or whatever and it says connect to itunes, I just want to know if restoring to 1.0.2 then updating would work. Like, for the future...I guess I'm forward looking

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    I know that it's supposedly unsafe for people who UNLOCKED, but I know that some phones bricked that were just modded but not unlocked. Is it 100% safe to upgrade to the jailbreak with modded phones using this new jailbreak?

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