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Thread: My experience with mod - read it, you won't be sorry!

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    Default My experience with mod - read it, might help you!
    Hi there,

    After doing 3 phones in last 2 days I gathered some experience that I would like to share with other people who are trying to do same thing.
    First and foremost, endless thanks to Erica Sadun and modmyiPhone team! You did amazing job! Second, all files and tutorial they posted work!

    I don't want to repeat what is written and shown in Part 1-4 guide. You should follow it closely. I'll rather give you pointers what they didn't write or where things went wrong way. Timelines are: shorter time - when things go normal, long ones, when system goes bananas.

    * SIM (AT&T) has to be in the phone, don't remove it unless told to (last step).
    * I kept phones in the cradle at all times while doing the mod.
    * I did it on MAC Book Pro


    1. Phone recovery to 1.0.2 status; didn't do it. My phones were straight from the store, not activated. I skipped Part 1 all together.

    2. iNdependence
    Time needed: jailbreak: 3 minutes, going back to jail: 4 - 45 minutes
    Tricky parts:
    * iNdependence worked for me only when application was on the desktop, NOT when it was in Applications directory in my MAC. From that moment I left all files and downloads on the desktop, including 1.0.2 recovery file that you have to download. When you extract the files from download put them in folder and give it convenient name.
    * When underway in the left lower corner of iNdependence it says: waiting for iPhone. Initially I was tempted to retry or disconnect because I thought that there is no communication with iPhone. Don't do it, just leave it running like that.
    * When doing second phone going back to jail lasted for more then 40 minutes, I got nervous, pressed power switch on top of the iPhone and iNdenpendence finished job at that moment.

    3. AppTapp
    Time needed: 3 - 20 minutes
    Tricky parts:
    * Extracted and placed AppInstaller on desktop and run it from here.
    * iNdependence must be closed before running AppTapp.
    * I got that "bootstrap failed" message on second phone. Before reloading iTunes or other things just run AppTapp again. Got success message after second run.

    4. WiFi
    Time needed: 2-3 minutes
    Tricky parts:
    * You MUST find good WiFi spot, (free access or one that you are allowed tom use). Following steps rely heavily on good WiFi connection. Make sure you have it!

    5. Installing applications
    Time needed: 5 minutes - 6 hours
    Tricky parts:
    * For this part I removed phone from cradle just to make sure that I have good WiFi reception while doing installation.
    * Activate Installer icon (program). Here was one of my biggest obstacles. Couldn't find OpenSSH application on the list of possible applications. Drove me crazy. I counted files on modded phone and got count of about 44 aplications and here I had only 24 and no OpenSSH! Remedy was really simple. Went for good seafood lunch and after 5-6 hours when I came back I hit refresh in the application installer screen (right lower corner). Missing OpenSSH was there. To install it was less then 4 minutes after that.
    Simply wait and do refresh every 20-30 minutes and when missing file becomes available it will be downloaded for you.

    6. Cyberduck file transfer
    Time needed: 3-5 minutes
    Tricky parts:
    * Could not log in at first shot. Try again, connected at second or third try.
    * Cyberduck window warns you that host has unknow keys. Ignore it, just click OK and proceed.
    * Put right files (2) into right folders!

    7. Activate unlock
    Time needed: 20-24 minutes
    Tricky parts:
    * No problems here, just wait Erica's "enjoy" message.

    I hope I helped at least someone, good luck, love my iPhone...

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    thankx but kinda confusing
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    Congrats on whatever you did. Got a little confused throughout that. In the past few months, countless people have made the modding process for everyone as easy as they can. After reading through forums and other sources, I went from my out-of-box iPhone to a truly one-off phone in a matter of 10 minutes. Again, congrats on your success.

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    Good thread...the timelines are helpful to have.

    I have followed the guideline on this site but get stuck at the very last Step on Part 4.

    Any help would be great:

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    trentblue, I see. I would repeat last step and that is getting lockdwnd and unlock zip files, unzipping them and transfering unzipped files into directories that need them. Overwrite existing files.
    After done, run unlock (icon) again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZackP View Post
    trentblue, I see. I would repeat last step and that is getting lockdwnd and unlock zip files, unzipping them and transfering unzipped files into directories that need them. Overwrite existing files.
    After done, run unlock (icon) again.
    Tragically no dice...I think it must have to do with running 1.1.1 -> I have not heard of anyone who has successfully gone from 1.1.1. to a working phone without that TurboSIM thing.

    Gonna have to wait for a 1.1.1. hack it seems.

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