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Thread: Using Apace to stream video?

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    Default Using Apace to stream video?
    so i was looking at the site where got the iphone apper website launcher thingy and there was a post about streaming itunes video over wifi so you don't have to sync. the site is but there is really no directions...maybe someone could make a guide, because I'm not smart enough to figure this out. Thanks in advance.

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    This is easy using Leopard.

    Turn on "Web Sharing" in the Sharing section of preferences.

    This has now turned on Apache webserver on your Mac :-)

    Now open Terminal , switch to root , and cd to /Library/WebServer/Documents

    Now you need to create 2 symbolic links to your iTunes Library ( I chose to link to just my "Movies" "TV Shows" and "Podcasts" folders :-

    My symbolic links looked like this ( yours will have to reflect where your iTunes Library is of course.. )

    ln -s /Volumes/500GB/"iTunes Library"/Movies Movies
    ln -s /Volumes/500GB/"iTunes Library"/"TV Shows" TVShows
    ln -s /Volumes/500GB/"iTunes Library"/Podcasts Podcasts

    Now on your iPhone , open safari , and goto the URL :-

    Substitute for your Macs IP address of course.

    Bookmark them for convenience :-)

    When you go to these addresses you will get a somewhat crappy listing of your Movies , your Podcasts and your TV Shows.

    Hit the one you want and quicktime will open on the iPhone/iPod touch and stream the movie / Podcast or TV show right to your screen :-) :-)

    I have found that some movies wont play , but most of mine do.

    It will be great when someone creates a nice native iPhone/iPod touch interface for this !!!!

    This is where I found it , so I take no credit for it :-)

    This is so easy I cant beleive Apple didnt spend an hour coding it into Leopard and make it a selling point like they have with screen sharing and file sharing in Leopard. Then they could add a nice little interface for it in the iPhone/iPod Touch - maybe as part of the iTunes store app - hell they could have just made an iTunes app on the iPhone that asks if you want to go to the iTunes store or your iTunes Library on your local network.
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