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Thread: Impossible to Brick

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    Default Impossible to Brick
    im not sure if its actually possible to brick an iphone, i dont know a whole lot about them because mine isnt supposed to arrive until tomorrow but i have hacked many an ipod, including putting compact flash in a 4g or graphics and OS changes and ive never bricked one.

    if youre just messing with software you should be able to restore it at any point and be back to normal. i would expect it has a boot rom that tells it what it is and knows how to communicate with your computer enough to allow restore/format.

    if you can actually brick one tell me about it please but so far i feel like im back in the days of ipodwizard with people who dont know what they are talking about
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    i think there's been a few bricks out there... and definitely some scares with endless reboots and such.

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    i was stuck in a endless reboot but i found a way to get out of if without restoring,

    ahh ipodwizard good times good times

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    How you fixed it??? Im in a constant RESTORE...every time I turn on the Iphone I get the yellow triangle asking me to connect the Iphone to Itunes!!!

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    Well I think we can learn from the PSP community where the Pandora application has made it impossible to brick the PSP, which is the easiest thing to brick on the market.

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