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Thread: So I bought a Dell Mini 9 to install Leopard onto...

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    Default So I bought a Dell Mini 9 to install Leopard onto...
    but now that I've seen the conference and everything about Snow Leopard, I really want to put that on. I'm totally new to hackintoshes and all of this, so I'm not sure if the way I plan on putting Leopard on will work or not. The tutorial I am using to install it is,

    Gizmodo - How To: Hackintosh a Dell Mini 9 Into the Ultimate OS X Netbook - Dell mini 9 hackintosh guide

    If anyone could take the time to look it over and explain to me if I can put Snow Leopard on it I'd really appreciate it.

    If anyone else is looking to make one of these Mac netbooks, the starting price for them is 250$, although you need to have at least 8 gigs of free space according to the tutorial.

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    I'm unaware of the policy here on talking about that subject, but I will say this:
    Hackintoshes rely on hacked Distro's. Unless the new method which can use retail discs works with Snow Leopard, you'll have to wait until someone makes a distribution of it.

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    You need to compare the hardware. Someone makes hacked distros based on a real OSX version and includes drivers for it. When you have the PC, you will need to find versions of drivers and such to install when you install the OS.

    I am 90% sure that the dell mini needs a wifi card swap tho for one that is compatable.... but I may be getting it confused with the Asus PC

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    The install guide you are using is not using a hacked version of OSX so updates should not be a problem. As long as you do install using the retail disc you should be fine. I have one myself with a 64gb runcore!! It is great!
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    I think as SL moves to try to get h/w vendors to use 64-bit drivers hackint0sh owners are gonna find it a lot harder to get their drivers working on their machines to effectively use it, why not just buy a mac and save the hassle?

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    Hello everyone.
    Can anyone here please suggest me some decent configuration as i am planning to buy a new dell notebook?
    I use adobe photoshop, MS office and also do a little bit of gaming.
    So please suggest according to this.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi all.
    Guys i have selected a model for my new notebook, I m going for dell mini inspirion 10.
    But i also want an elegant skin so while searching on internet i found a website , Is this website is really good in providing notebooks with nice skin?
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    I recently bought a Dell Mini 9 to install Leopard but i am totally unaware to hackintoshes and all of this.can anyone suggest me that leopard work well or not

    dell mini laptop skins

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