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Thread: Unlock Youtube, no sim required!

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    Default Unlock Youtube, no sim required!
    MAC USERS: You might wanna check this thread first:

    I've noticed that some folks in here are having a lot of trouble getting youtube to work, even though deleonju provided youtube certificate files that work great with Darkmen's Patching Activation method with no hassles.

    So, I decided to step in and give some help.

    What I did was to wrap up youtube's files and patching activation in a single "point and click" script, so you don't have to think too much to make things work.

    I haven't included the jailbreak part because the files are just too big and that would probably constitute copyright infringement.

    TESTED with Windows XP and iPhone 1.0.2 Firmware. Other configurations might work also, post your experience here.

    Here's what you have to do:

    1) Kill iTunes related processes.

    2) Jailbreak your iPhone (instructions in:

    3) Download and unpack this file:

    (UPDATED in September 12th 2007: no need to restore your phone anymore!)

    (Remember to UNPACK everything first, don't run directly on WINRAR or WINZIP (or the equivalent you're using)

    4) Run the activation.bat batch script that is included. Any doubts, check README.txt

    5) To reverse PACAY and restore your original files, click "reverse.bat". You will have to re-activate your phone.

    You'll be given instructions along the way, but mostly you'll just have to watch.

    At the end, you'll hopefully have an activated iPhone with YoutTube working.

    The good part is that this method is SIM card independent. So you can put any ATT SIM in the phone (or any SIM for the folks that have done GeoHot's unlock!). This means that you can change SIM cards without having to re-activate the phone.
    Another advantage is that you won't have to install an SSH sever (dropbear), which some folks here are not willing to do.

    This is the first version of the script, pre-alpha if you wish. I'd appreciate any comments so the script gets really fool proof.
    I have tested this script with my own phone several times, so It should work fine. If you have any problems, post here.

    I did it under Windows XP simply because I don't have a MAC. :P
    Also, I think MAC people already have pretty nice tools.
    Anyway, if you wanna replicate this idea your own way, just do a patching activation, then copy deleonju's youtube files

    Thanks to brasuco for this fix.

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    Ok, you have now posted this FOUR times. I appreciate the info, but do NOT post it again, please.

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    COOL, thanks!!
    Iphone Love... I dreamed of a iphone before it was out..

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    Quote Originally Posted by poetic_folly View Post
    Ok, you have now posted this FOUR times. I appreciate the info, but do NOT post it again, please.
    WHAT A DlCK, the guy is jjust trying to help, i have been searching for this post everyowhere on the web and just now found it. thanks for the post, and the ***** that replied, GO F YOURSELF C|_|NT

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    Can anyone here confirm that copying the 3 files (data_ark.plist & the 2 key files) on an already unlocked phone won't screw up activation? It looks a bit frightening ... you're copying encrypted keys directly in to a folder that looks like it contains the encryption/unlocking for your whole system.

    Do the 3 files only affect YouTube?

    I'm in Australia, have a perfectly working unlocked phone, but YouTube gives me the no-can-do. I'm not going to take a 1% risk in getting it working if it means a broken phone. It's only 17 year old college girls prancing around in their underwear, after all... ;-)

    Thanks for any help,

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    i got the same problem. perfectly unlocked phone, PIMPED OUT! CUSTOM SPRING BOARD, ICONS, COLORS, games, ect., but until someone confirms for me how to run this whole thing, i'm kind of scared to run PACAY, plus i heard 10 different ways to do it!, which someone would do a tutuorial on youtube.

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    Haha! Mine's the same - it looks like J-Lo's iPhone now, pimped to the max! PACAY's script just copies those files down - I'm a Mac person so wouldn't use it, but it's all doing essentially the same thing.

    Non-American YouTubers, where are you?! Speak up!

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    Default Youtube method for os/x & unlocked phones
    Quote Originally Posted by jen729w View Post
    Non-American YouTubers, where are you?! Speak up!
    Here we go. I just got my phone yesterday (im in Australia) and have hacked it to work, got heaps of things installed, custom themes and all the tricks but bloody youtube wouldn't work - until now!

    MY SET UP:
    - I'm on an intel mac (you have to have an intel mac to use the 1 click method i'll explain here, apparently it won't work in a non-intel mac and you have to manually type the terminal instructions which i can't help you with, try - as the original thread post suggests).
    - I used Independence to jailbreak and apptapp to add installer to unlock the phone (basically i just followed the instructions on this website Since this is the only iphone i have and i've only had it for 24hours i have no idea if this works via other unlock methods.

    NOTE: i didn't develop any of this software or hacks so don't come looking for me - i've just worked out how to do it from various instructions and thought i'd help anyone else out that's in the same boat as me.

    What i had to do was:

    1. Download: http://**********.com/files/
    Note this is a rapid share link so replace the ***** with that. This will unzip to a folder called /youtubescript

    2. Make sure that zip file is expanded and the folder it creates - /youtubescript - is placed in your macs HOME directory - the icon with the house, not your desktop, not a programs folder but the actual Home folder otherwise the Install script won't find the files it needs even thou they are in the same folder.

    3. Plug the iphone into the mac, get cyberduck to connect to the phone - this is a part that i haven't read in any instructions but i couldn't run the install until cyberduck had a connection. Once it's connected you don't actually need cyberduck at all so don't worry about using it, just make it connect to your iphone (you may not even need to do step 3 but it helps to know the computer is talking to the iphone).

    4. When your connected run the install script that comes in the zip folder you just downloaded (That file is called "Install youtube.term") and it will open Terminal and run a few commands then if it's happy it will tell you to restart your phone.

    5. Restart your phone and Youtube will work.

    If the script doesn't run properly and tell you to restart your phone then you probably haven't got the /youtubescript folder in the right place or maybe the phone won't acknowledge a connection (which is why i recommend having cyberduck confirm that part first). I couldn't get the Terminal to run properly at first because i didn't have the folder in my Home directory, i was trying to run it off the desktop which still runs the terminal but it just doesn't complete it's job and will finish without doing anything. So i actually then tried to just FTP the files over and it didn't work - but it didn't hurt the phone at all either so it's obviously not that risky. I didn't even bother to replace the FTP copied files with the original backups, i just put the zip folder in the macs Home directory and ran the terminal again and it worked.

    Good luck.
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    I just have to say that after 4 hours I found this thread and mojosbelly saved the day thanks man!!

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    Thanks for the info. :-)

    This script basically copies the 3 files data_ark.plist, device_private_key.pem, device_public_key.pem to /var/root/Library/Lockdown/

    It also copies lockdownd to /usr/libexec/

    I'm still nervous! But hey, if someone else has done it...

    I personally am going to use Fugu and copy these files to the relevant locations manually. I am, of course, going to back up the files that I copy.

    Thanks again for the post. :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by jen729w View Post
    Thanks for the info. :-)

    This script basically copies the 3 files data_ark.plist, device_private_key.pem, device_public_key.pem to /var/root/Library/Lockdown/

    It also copies lockdownd to /usr/libexec/

    I'm still nervous! But hey, if someone else has done it...

    I personally am going to use Fugu and copy these files to the relevant locations manually. I am, of course, going to back up the files that I copy.

    Thanks again for the post. :-)
    I originally tried to just FTP the files over manually to the correct locations on the iPhone but it didn't work - didn't really do anything, nothing changed on the phone and YouTube gave the same error it always did.

    But, then i ran it properly and used the terminal install script which basically does the same thing - copies the files over to where they are needed on the phone - but it must perform some other little tweaks like fixing permissions for those files or something (i didn't really look at what the terminal did since it only takes a couple seconds to do it and it worked which was good enough for me!).

    Either way, if it was going to cause problems then i would of certainly stuffed my phone up because i did it wrong about 3 times before doing it right and didn't bother correcting the mistaken attempts with backups.

    The next big adventure is going up to 1.1.1 (i figure this iPhone is a bit of a test bunny until a 3G version is out proper in Australia) !
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    Fantastic - that gave me the confidence to go messing around.

    Copying the files supplied in the PACAY folder (and various other places) got me as far as being able to view "Most Viewed" and other pre-bookmarked YouTube videos, but wouldn't let me search. That threw a "Cannot connect to YouTube" error, whether on WiFi or EDGE (some have reported it only working over EDGE).

    The fix seems to be this:
    - basically, you have to copy the encrypted string out of your own data_ark.plist and in to the various .plist files in the sub-directories of "Lockdown". The details are all on the linked page so I won't repeat them.

    Worked a charm. I can now search and view to my heart's content.

    Thanks again,

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    This broke synchronisation between iTunes and my iPhone. Read this forum post for more details. Adjust files in Lockdown with caution!

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