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Thread: Unlocking iphone for existing old AT & T customer.

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    Default Unlocking iphone for existing old AT & T customer.

    I'm an existing original AT&T customer, before they changed to Cingular and then back to AT&T.. I was wondering if anyone was able to unlock & activate their phone and keep their old AT&T plan..I don't want to use the new AT&T plans as they have less minutes than what I have...Pls. help..

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    hi i have (had) the exact same situation and I am writing this from my iPhone. you can buy the phone in apple store and hack att activation and unlock by using the 4page guide on this site. never have to deal with ATT at all! Works perfectly just follow the steps exactly . You will need one more thing though and that is to manually edit the 'network prefs' file to get edge to work. for some reason we (old ATT sims) don't have the EDGE preferances in "network" settings. However, it is very easy too and even though EDGE is slow the phone makes it worth it,..

    okay, now i'm writing from my laptop cause you can't copy and paste in the iPhone (silly)

    here is the link you need to activate and unlock your phone (follow steps exactly) (for OSX, don't know about PC)

    and here is the link you once that process is finished to edit your EDGE settings so you can use ATT's old (mmode) network, just make sure you sign up for the 24.99 unlimited data plan- i just did that yesterday...

    good luck...

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