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Thread: can;t anyone ssh to my iphone now?

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    Default can;t anyone ssh to my iphone now?
    so i sucessfully unlocked phone- however, one question..

    can't anyone on my network (or edge?!?) ssh to my phone consider the root password is the same on phones? that seems like a bit of a security risk, eh?

    is it possible to change the password from root/dottie?

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    yes, if you do no change the password, anyone can log in. Yes it is possible to change the password. make sure perl libraries are installed (can be installed via apptapp) and then you will need to edit your password file... another way to prevent ppl from logging in is to simply turn off ssh (this also keeps your battery from being drained)... to turn it off, install UIctl, run it and scroll to the bottom of the list... u should see the ssh daemon running and then do an "unload -w" on it... then when you want to ssh back into your phone, just do a load -w on it... pretty simple... DO NOT unload other proccesses unless you know what youre doing... it can seriously jackup ur phone... good luck

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    awsome! thanks - just what i was looking for

    one note for anyone reading this: here is a quick walk through on how to reset your SSH password easily - if you are using OSX you can run the PERL command from your own local terminal window and not have to install PERL on your iPhone - worked like a charm
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