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Thread: HELP! SW unlocked with both of the methods and still can't make calls!!

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    Default HELP! SW unlocked with both of the methods and still can't make calls!!
    Hello all, well I'm posting this here because I really need help, I'm very desperate and need to know what to do! I trust you guys! Please read this:
    Tuesday morning I recieved the IPSF software and made the unlock. Yes, my carrier showed up in the upper/left corner and even someone call me! and it WORKED! SMS worked too, in and out. The little/big problem was one important detail: CAN'T MAKE CALLS!! It just gives me a call failure everytime I try to call any number, I tried everything, even adding international numbers in the front of the number, but no! I was talking with somebody on the phone (he called me) then I tried to add a call and no...still no response. Just the same stupid: CALL FAILURE!
    In search of desperate need, that same day in the afternoon/night the Free Unlock of the Devteam was released.
    So, the next day (yesterday) I restored my iPhone and tried again, now with the Free Unlock solution of the DevTeam, with this instructions:

    I'm sure I followed every step as those are written. Everything worked fine, exaclty as in IPSF solution, that is, excpet for one thing: MAKING CALLS! MY IPHONE DOESN'T WANT TO MAKE CALLS! It just wants to recieve them or SMS IN/OUT.

    Now here are some possible mistakes I think I made but don't know if this are really mistakes that can influence in this:
    1.When I restored the iPhone, I did it with my carrier's SIM inside, not ATT one.
    2.I restored my iPhone by just clicking in the Restore buttom in iTunes, without putting it in safe mode first...
    3.In the last step of the instructions where it says:
    "Good! Now, turn off your iPhone (by holding the Sleep button for about 3 seconds, then sliding the power off switch). Take out the SIM card by inserting a paperclip into the small hole in the top of the iPhone by the Sleep button, and gently pushing. Turn the iPhone back on by pressing the Sleep button once more."
    When I turned on, I left my carrier's SIM card inside, and then in the I pressed START. Then I realized that was a mistake, but something interesting happened. When I inserted my SIM, without even strating the, it gave me signal and my carrier's name in the top! So, I took the SIM out, then restarted the iPhone and lastly start the as I said, everything worked as in IPSF solution, me unable to make calls.
    Can someone help me? I live in Costa Rica (I'm sure here they use the right GSM for the iPhone), so no else (excpet for the authorized resellers) have iPhones, so please HELP ME!!, this would mean so much for me, a frustrated user! Thanks in advance!

    love and peace

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    Sorry I don't have any suggestions for you, sorry....

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    I have the exact same problem. I have unlocked more than 85 units and 2 of them are giving me the dreaded "Call Failure" problem. I know it is not dependant on the unlocking method because each of them were done with different unlocking methods. I have one little bit of info though. Both of them made calls initially but when the clients conected them to itunes and uploaded music or synced them to contacts to the phones both showed the same problem. So it has something to do with files synced by itunes. I tried full restore with original SIM card and unlocking them again full process, but this did not help. I am almost sure that a file on the phone being replaced will solve, but dont know where to start.
    If anyone has any coments, please help ASAP.

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