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Thread: Youtube Unlock

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    Hey easy osx youtube unlock....
    after days of trying to place the three files in the lockdown folder i gave up on trying to activate youtube

    I restored to 1.0.2 firmware and activated using the latest version of iNdepencence you can find it here. and it works... I am so psyched......

    on this page it says this
    Q: If my phone is already activated (but YouTube doesn't work), how do I get the YouTube fix?

    A: Deactivate your phone with the current version of iNdependence, then activate it again.

    If deactivation doesn't work, then it's likely that your phone is using the lockdownd hack which makes it "factory activated" (activation works for multiple SIM cards). iNdependence cannot deactivate a phone which has this type of activation. You'll need to either restore your firmware, or replace /usr/lib/lockdownd on your phone with the stock version that comes with your firmware.

    So i guess you can try to deactivate using iNdependence.. don't worry your files will be ok. and reactivate and see if that works...If not do the restore and activate for independence

    all right

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    Just to let everyone know, I did the YouTube patch. It was working until earlier today. Looks like the certificates that were being used are revoked by Apple/YouTube. Anyone else have that experience? I used it this morning but now I get the message Cannot connect to YouTube message.

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    Excelent explain here

    Finally my You Tube Work

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    I have no file in the activation_records folder. Is this Okay?
    Everytime I renew the 3 files, it plays a few videos. Then it starts saying cannot connect to YouTube again.
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    Update: If you have previously activated using iasign or iactivator or independence, then you need to delete all the files in the folder: /var/root/Library/Lockdown/activation_records before restarting the phone.

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    Why do you people post tutorials assuming that we use an Apple computer? I USE WINDOWS XP - HOW do I unlock youtube??

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    Quote Originally Posted by iRyan View Post
    Why do you people post tutorials assuming that we use an Apple computer? I USE WINDOWS XP - HOW do I unlock youtube??
    you are in the OS X forum

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    thats bizarre. i just unlocked my phone today and followed all the steps. when i put my att sim in.. youtube already worked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cash7c3 View Post
    you are in the OS X forum
    That'll do it every time.

    If manually doing the 3 file hack isn't working for ya you can always do it automatically with paycay.

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    it works! thank you so much!!!

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    I love you guys. Watching the SNL DIKC in a Box

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    Hi Guy,

    I also had a similar problem but I found a great site that fixed most of my problems, Here is the page for iPhone tech support page:

    hope it helps


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