at some point after doing ieraser i noticed that i couldn't get at to respond in minicom, and perhaps that's why ieraser didn't seem to work either.

I hadn't even attempted the hardware part yet, although i did successfully take apart the phone and shielding.

Everything still worked up to that point, wi-fi, ssh, apps etc. but when I went to reboot I lost wi-fi as he said you would.

So like an idiot I didn't have a terminal app on the phone to do the fix.. so I figured well i'd restore the firmware in iTunes.. BIG mistake.. this happened before and I was somehow able to fix it but now it just won't restore AT ALL.

It keeps getting "Unable to restore this iphone. unknown error 2011" .. Any ideas what's goin on or how to fix it?

of course I can't find any information on this error anywhere. is it possible the baseband is somehow damaged? as shouldn't at from minicom yield ok?