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    Default Drag and Drop
    hi. I am loving all this modding and stuff, but I just had to restore my iphone, and im rethinking how much work i would like to put into it. So i just used apptapp to install installer. Installed the correct packages for SSH, and i ran fugu, to connect to my iphone like usual, but it wont connect. it says remote host changed or something. So anyways, i was wondering if there was a drag and drop program for just connecting to my computer through usb. I dont want to have to keep connecting through fugu. I found this program called iNdependence, and it uses a finder like interface to connect to the iphone when its connected through usb. but it only has a few folders available. Is there something like this that will allow me to view and drag and drop through usb besides iFuntastic? I hate iFuntastic.

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    thanks for that. but it still is not working... i used apptapp to install installer....

    then i installed bsd subsystem via installer
    then i installed openssh via installer

    and i opened up fugu, and i could connect..
    that is how i did it before the itunes 7.4
    but i had to do a restore, maybe the bsd subsystem and openssh are not updated to work with itunes7.4

    what do i do. ? any ideas...
    im still looking for a drag and drop that i can use by just being connected via USB

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    Restoring and updating right now to check your method, will advise...

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    I am having this problem as well, except i've using itunes 7.4 the whole time. I was using Fugu after installing bsd & openssh and everything was great, could drag adn drop carrier logos and keypad dialers with no problems, then i Did a restore on my iphone and now when i try to connect using fugu i get "remote host has changed" thingy.
    Any thoughts?

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    run terminal and do this. rm /Users/yournamegoeshere/.ssh/known_host - This will delete the old known_host and reset the known_host with your current settings. Also make sure that you have cleared all the old settings in fugu and make a fresh setting with your fugu. I had this problem and it did the trick.

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    hey, i did a full restore, and set everything up again, and now my connection is working.. dont know why.. but it is... anyways, is there someone out there that could make an easy drag and drop via USB connect, based maybe on ifuntastic, or iNdependence? I hate having to create a wireless connection, connect, wait for the iphone to give me an ip, connect via fugu, and then do my modding. I have to do all this cause i dont have wireless here that i am connected to by default. Mac users really need a usb drag and drop program

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    anyone ? i hate having to connect via wifi to my iphone all the time, i have to create a new wifi network from my computer everytime, cant we just plugin, and drag and drop?

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    If there was a way to run the installer app via email that would be great. Any

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    Hello every one i need some help i have installer and breezy but i cant get to drag and drop i have swapdock for breezy i am sooo stuck on this last step i want custo icons i have some folders of full ico s and they wont drop i nto the breezy when i try can any one help me please!

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