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Thread: Cant access music from my Iphone

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    Default Cant access music from my Iphone
    Hi let me start off by saying that I didnt hack my phone, my brother in law did. I had hacked the iTouch and it seemed pretty easy when I followed some directions. I use Mac OSX. My brother in law hacked my iphone but unfortunately he left for his second tour of duty last week and now ive got a problem.

    Here is the problem. Everything was working fine, and as far as the phone itself its working perfect. I use Tmobile and works like a charm. However, ever since upgrading Itunes to 7.6 problems have started. I only upgraded itunes and not the phone, i had turned off the auto upgrade feature. I had also upgraded Itunes before and never had a problem before so thought it was safe.

    Nope. So, when i plugged the iphone to itunes i noticed first that instead of showing the name of my ipod like it normley does it just said "untitled playlist". Also the big problem is that I had about 5 GB of songs. The iphone will play them or even recognize them, and itunes shows the 5GB of space still used in the Orange color on the space meter. I can add a new playlist but obviously is only allows me to use the remaining space.

    My question is how can i fix this?

    The phone has been jailbroken and we used Anysim 1.1 i believe. The phone is a 1.1.1 if that makes sense and was like that out of the box. I think if i remember correctly he went down to 1.1.0 and then had to upgrade it back to 1.1.1

    i never upgraded to 1.1.2 and obviously 1.1.3. Been too afraid to since the phone was working perfectly and didnt want to risk losing a phone for a few days.

    Can anyone help? Sorry its so long but I will greatly appreciate. Hopefully i gave enough info.

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    Something similar happened to me. I wasn't able to access my songs on the iPhone and when connected to iTunes, iTunes couldn't recognize it. How I resolved the issue was restoring it. Good thing I had a backup cause some apps weren't working properly after the restore. Good luck!

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    dont worry about the hard outside of 1.1.3 its really a cuddly on the inside.
    simply click restore on itunes then it will upgrade you to 1.1.3 then run the program its just 2 clicks! the download is at the top of the page
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