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Thread: kinda noob to macbook question

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    Exclamation kinda noob to macbook question
    I just got my new macbook yesterday and am beginning to realize this is like learning a whole new language. I was very inclined with windows vista modding on my iphone and iphone 3g but now with os x im clueless.

    My question is that Ive downloaded many firmware "bundles" from different sites including this one but cant figure out how to get the .ipsw out of them. On windows you downloaded the .ipsw and that was the actual file. Now when I run Pwnage Tool, it cant find my .ipsw file so I try to use expert mode and I still cant find it. It seems to be dl'ing .zip files with a bunch of files and a few folders named dfu and another named all flash or something. The original file size of the zip is the actual size of a .ipsw 245mb or so.

    So my question is how do I use those files as the .ipsw restore file I need for pwnage tool?

    A link to a how-to tutorial would be fine or even just a quick PM to a new MACBOOK user like myself would be greatly appreciated so I can begin my further road of OS X modding.

    Thanks --- Mark

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    When you download a file on a mac with .zip extension (, simply click on the file and press Command +i and simply remove the zip in the description of the file and you now have a ipsw file. That's it. The itunes version of the ipsw file is located in users/library/itunes/iphone software (where users is your username eg:jonouimet is mine))

    Here is my tutorial for 2.0 which can almost be identical for 2.0.1

    OK, here is what you need to do if you have an iphone 2G with 3.9 bootloader and unlocked using ziphone. Therefore, never been pwned.
    -First, connect your current iphone to itunes. Back up everything. (Sync your accounts).
    -Next, go into user/library/itunes and create a folder named "device support". If its already there, then delete everything in it.
    -Now download the proper 2.0 ipsw file from this forum.
    -Donwload the 3.9 and 4.6 bin files from this forum.
    -Place everything on your desktop.
    -Download Pwnge 2.0
    -Open up pwnge 2.0
    -Select the first option (iphone) but in expert mode
    -browse your computer to locate the 2.0 ipsw file.
    -Next in general tab, use enable baseband update
    -In bootloader, checkmark the box for update the bootloader and checkmark upgrade to 4.6.
    -Finally, pick build and hit the next button.
    -Pwnage will ask you to locate both the 3.9 and 4.6 bin files. Locate them manually (Make sure they were unzipped first)
    -Then it will ask you to find a location to save the new custom ipsw file.
    -Hit save and Pwnage will build the custom firmware in the selected saved location.
    -Pwnage will ask you for your administrative password to finalize the process.
    -Once the process is done, you will get a prompt telling you to plus in your iphone using your usb.
    -Follow the steps on screen to put your phone into DFU mode.
    -Pwnage will tell you it successfully found your phone in DFU mode
    -Next, close Pwnage and open up Itunes.
    -Option click the restore button and locate your new custom firmware.
    -Let itunes do its thing.
    -Once the process is done, your iphone will boot into 2.0 software but don't touch it yet.
    -Bootloader will do its thing by flashing your iphone to the proper baseband (4.6)
    -Do not touch your computer while this is happening even if Itunes is asking you to set up a new iphone.
    -Once the flashing has been done, your phone will be unlocked, activated and jailbroken.
    -If you have two macs like I do, I did the pwnage on one and had my back up on another.
    -Plug in your iphone and itunes should tell you to restore your phone with previous settings (contacts, pictures etc.)
    -Choose, restore and let the iphone get all of your data back.
    -You will notice a new tab for application.
    -Checkmark "sync all applications".
    -Get your apps from the itunes store.

    Enjoy, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me @ [email protected]

    Using Rogers in Canada and the pwnage 2.1 worked flawlessly.
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    For iphone 3G, there are steps such as the bootloader files which will not be necessary.
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    if you are using safari, safari tends to give .ipsw file name a .zip if you use Firefox, it retains the .ipsw file name. when you have the option on where to download the file, you can change that to put it on your desktop or wherever you please.

    OLD INFO I forgot where to get this again. Link?

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