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Thread: iSkinner Improvement Recommendation

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    Default iSkinner Improvement Recommendation
    Four things I would like to see improved in the iSkinner software

    1. I would like only the icon itself to be dark when i touch it, instead of the entire slice. I do not want the transparent background around the icon to be dark, either.

    2. Also, when I select an application or push the homescreen button on my phone, I see the blocky slices of my homescreen image fly apart. I know it is a minor thing, but it drives me a little crazy. I would like to see only the icons fly off, like how the native icons used to do it. That's how it appeared anyway. I don't know if it's possible or not.

    3. I would like to see an automated process that does all the required functions to put the theme on the phone, -so i don't have to go into terminal myself and jailbreak, iphoneinterface and all that other stuff.

    4. And I would like to see the text disappear from the dock as well, when the "text" option is unchecked. (Cash has noted this suggestion)


    I am still impressed with the ease and functionality of cash & pf's iSkinner. There is no other software I've witnessed that is as easy to use. These are minor things, but I thought i'd give my constructive criticism. I understand it is technically in the semi-beta form.

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    1. NO ONE has been able to do this with skins yet. The problem is SpringBoard as an app itself does not allow for a bg image, and so the only method we have to set one up is in essence to slice up a large image and create what you see. As soon as we figure a way to get around that, or perhaps modify SpringBoard itself, you can bet there will be an update.
    2. Same issue.
    3. Working on it, but there are a TON of variables that have to be looked at to create something like that. Pressing "jailbreak phone" and having a picture tell you to hold down those buttons etc is just as much work as TYPING ./jailbreak and having TEXT show up to tell you to do that. And as of yet, again, EVERY iPhone modding program REQUIRES a jailbroken phone. Thats life.
    4. Easy fix, will be in the next update.

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