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Thread: Oh crap!!!

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    Unhappy Oh crap!!!
    In my infinite wisdom, I did exactly what you aren't supposed to do, and changed my master.passwd file to use /bin/bash as my shell without uploading /etc/shells

    Now I can't login via ssh or sftp. trying to copy files via scp results in invalid password errors, and trying to run terminal on the phone crashes.

    is there *any* way to reset my master.passwd file w/o a hard reset of the phone?

    if someone could link me to/make a package that would work with installer and reset the master.passwd file to its default it would be GREATLY apprieciated!!!

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    Unplug your phone from your computer. Hold down the Sleep and Menu buttons (for ~25 seconds) until a yellow caution sign appears with the message "Please connect to iTunes." Connect to iTunes. Restore. Curse your infinite wisdom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by idugcoal View Post
    Connect to iTunes. Restore.
    Yeah I know that will fix it. I just don't want to have to re-mod everything.

    I've made a package that would work with, but now I've got to find some way to get it listed in a source/add my web server to the sources list.

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    why wouldnt you just use iphuc or something to put the correct files on . . . or is that no longer working

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    "this one time, at band camp"...I scp'd a second copy of binkit to /bin but forgot to make them executable, rebooted the phone, it comes up into a non-fsck'd, read-only single user level, complaining that launchd cant run /bin/sh permission denied (duh). I spent some time trying iphuc, noticed that you can put the phone into restore mode and run iphuc it has a "filecopytophone" command, and a "cmd" command but I couldnt write to / and wasnt sure about syntax...anyways....I restored thru itunes. Now some yahoo is spreading an apple update rumor, so I'm sitting back for a few days before re-modding. good times.

    the post I saw regarding an apple update was old, pre 1.0.1, and lame. disregard.
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    I still use Solaris

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