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Thread: 7 Steps to OSX Install 5th ICON on your FRONTROW DOCK

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    Cool 7 Steps to OSX Install 5th ICON on your FRONTROW DOCK

    So to all who are fans of my 7 Steps Threads, heres yet another one that will take you to where u need to be on your icon dreams, lol.

    This 7 Stepper will get you that MAGICAL 5th Icon on the Dock of your iPhone, so now your dock will look like this:

    Phone - SMS - Mail - Safari - iPod
    Pretty much can do what ever you want, add any of your top 5 icons on your dock, so if your ready, lets do this..........


    Step 1..... (Just listen to this Thread, Dont you dare go somewhere else)

    ONCE AGAIN!!!!!!
    I went to all kinds of THREADS and made 1 EASy GUIDE

    If you find that it didnt work, go back and read each STEP 100%, it for sure will work,
    you just must have skipped an important part.....

    Dont 4get to Comment this SHIT, I went through all this time to make it easier 4 u, So COMMENT!!!!

    Good Luck............And Read DAMMIT!!!!


    Step 2..... (Know How to JAILBREAK)

    Please, If ur reading this, you must already know how to JAILBREAK and have
    all the files needed to JAILBREAK.


    Step 3..... (getfile COMMAND)


    In order for this small step to work, you must be able to run this command on TERMINAL


    If by anychance you do not have this command (which err1 should cause its been out for a while) then download this file:

    In this file you will find 2 files

    - main.cpp
    - Makefile.osx

    copy these 2 files into your phonedmg folder.

    Time to open up TERMINAL

    here, type

    make -f Makefile.osx

    and run this Script.....

    - to be on the safe side, once the script is finished, exit TERMINAL and give your bad boy MAC a RESTART.



    Step 4..... (Get That Motha F'in FILE)

    Now that we have getfile, RUN TERMINAL

    - type ./iphoneinterface
    - type cd /System/Library/CoreServices/
    - type getfile DisplayOrder.plist
    - Now if ur getfile COMMAND is working fine, it should have made a file called DisplayOrder.plist in your phonedmg
    - type cd /System/Library/Lockdown
    - type putfile Services.plist
    - type exit



    Step 5..... (What's Up Dock)

    Before you open DisplayOrder.plist, Download this software



    you need this to be able to save this file as is and not mess it up.

    - Once TextWrangler is installed, double-click DisplayOrder.plist
    - The file looks like this

    <> Root Dictionary <> key/value pairs

    something like that, it looks alot better then what i drew, but you get the point.


    - Click the Right Triangle next to the ROOT to show Scroll down MENU
    - you will now see
    : buttonbar (0-3 are the icons on your DOCK)
    : iconlist (0-? Are your Icons: SMS, Clock, Calender, ETC)
    :special (0-? Are your NEW Programs you added to your phone: NES, Mobile Terminal, ETC)

    - click buttonbar to show Menu
    - Highlight buttonbar with the Menu still showing
    - click NEW CHILD at the top LEFT
    - under that new child (new #) go to the right tiny Double Arrows and show that MENU
    - Click the option that says dictionary
    - you will now see a Right Triangle next to the Child or #
    - Now buttonbar should contain numbers 0-4
    - 0-4 are your dock buttons, lets customize
    - I'm going to Set my ICONS on this THREAD this way, you can use whatever ones you want
    - click Right Triangle next to the 1
    - in the menu, you will see:
    displayIdentifier string
    - This is EASY, so dont get LOST
    - PLEASE KNOW How to Copy/Cut/Paste
    - Cut out of the #1 CHILD
    - click CHILD #0 and double click the empty VALUE slot for its STRING
    - PASTE it........NOW we Have our 1st ICON on the Dock Set as PHONE
    - CHILD #0 Phone
    - CHILD #1 is empty.......I want SMS in there.........
    - click iconList
    - If you havent moved around your icons that should be CHILD #0 inside iconList menu.
    - Click iconList CHILD #0 and CUT
    - go back to buttonBar CHILD #1 and PASTE in the empty VALUE Slot
    - CHILD #1 SMS
    - NOW all of our CHILDREN in buttonBar are FULL so, to do this process quicker, pull out a TEXT PAD and cut and paste all the stuff from the DisplayOrder.plist and PASTE to the BLANK Text Doc. (Do not cut the CHILD #0 and CHILD 1 from buttonBar as thats already what we chose to keep. (do not mess with the special menu)
    - Once all the are cut from buttonBar and iconList, lets get a Pencil and Paper and Draw how you want your icons to be set (do not mess with NEW APPS you added to the phone, that will TAKE U to another WORLD).
    - Now one by one cut the stuff and enter it into a CHILD for example
    : we have so far
    buttonBar Child #0 PHONE
    buttonBar Child #1 SMS
    - go to buttonBar Child #2 and add the for SAFARI
    - go to buttonBar Child #3 and add the for YouTube
    - go to buttonBar Child #4 and add the for iPod


    Step 6..... (Who Knew We Were Great Writers)

    By now we have our DOCK as we want it with our TOP 5 ICONs

    - Now lets grab the remaining CUTS from the TEXT back to where ever you want them to go on the iconList menu
    - remember iconList Child #0 is TOP LEFT Button on your phone and then so on so TOP RIGHT will be iconList Child #3
    - Once your FINISHED, SAVE File (not Save AS).
    - Now that you are done we are ready to input the File back.


    Step 7..... (JailBreak it to The END)

    - Open up TERMINAL
    - type ./iphoneinterface
    - type cd /System/Library/CoreServices/
    - type putfile DisplayOrder.plist
    - type cd /System/Library/Lockdown
    - type putfile Services.plist
    - type exit

    TADa.....We Are Done......


    any "?"s eMail me at [email protected]

    Thanks to all who put up the THREADs that helped me help you

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    DJ RapMaRz

    All information on this THREAD was Found by me....NOT CREATED by me, I do not at all take any credit for this information, just the fact that I put it in a easy STEP By STEP form for all to LOVE!!!!
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