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Thread: completely stuck. please help

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    Default completely stuck. please help
    Hi everyone, so, last night I was running 1.1.1 perfectly fine, unlocked and jailbroken and all that, and I decided to upgrade to 1.1.2, and everything was going fine, until I had to use independence, which completely ****** everything up. EVERY time I try to open independence when itunes is closed ((even ituneshelper)) it immediately crashes. If I try to open independence when itunes is open, it works, but as soon as the phone goes into recovery mode or anything of the sort, independence closes. I tried going back down to 1.1.1, which I am at now, and I tried unlocking from there using anysim, and it just completely froze up and wouldnt get past the silver apple logo. SO, basically I've tried to use indy to do the "special" 1.0.2. downgrade, but as soon as it goes into recovery mode, it closes itsself. I've tried two different versions of indy, so yeah. Do I have to virginize the phone? If so, from 1.1.1 that is locked and jailed... what do I have to do? I've tried searching for guides but I havent found one for my situation so i'm a little hesitant to **** up my phone even more.

    thanks so much.

    please help.

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    What version of iTunes and iNdependence are you using?
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    my itunes is at 7.4.2. and independence is the latest one, and I tried older versions as well.

    older versions of independence, that is.
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    get itunes 7.5 but not 7.6
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    I thought you had to have 7.5 or higher to even use an iPhone?
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    I thought you had to have 7.5 or higher to even use an iPhone?
    7.4 and up work with the iPhone... not sure bout below 7.4.
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    i just got a replacement iphone from apple- i tried jailbreaking yesterday- I got 1.1.2 with installer app but when i go to add something it just crashes. I also have 7.6 is that causing anything? Ive tried on my intel mac and also in windows running through parallels. the thing that was weird was that when I updated 1.1.2 from the jailbroken 1.1.1 it worked fine, yes i ran oktoprep and installed bsd but when i looked in uninstall i didnt see bsd- one other strange thing when i ran jailbreak.jar on my mac it put the phone back into what looked like a restore state with the cable and itunes disc. so I ran windows.bat on my other computer and this is where it brought the phone back to activation with installer app.. help!! what am i doing wrong ive jailbroken plenty of 1.1.2 phones before this one. I had one with 1.1.3 but it had issues with my cars bluetooth so apple switched out with me. thanks.. Y!M [email protected]

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