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Thread: Strange iphone booting problem - screenshot

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    Cool Strange iphone booting problem - screenshot
    Hi ,

    i have an unlocked 1.1.1iphone...using from past one month...already had a near death experience....but that was my fault this time it was was the result of the screen shot application, eventhough i had problems before with it i always thought it would be handy so never uninstalled....

    just 2 hours back i started the screenshot application and was browsing the pdf application...everything seemed to go normall and suddenly the phone was frozen...nothing seem to respond...tried pressing all the keys, i had to do the hard reset(pressing both the keys simultaneously)....and then rebooted just to find my phone screen blinking infinitely with black and white horizontal strips with an apple logo in the background and strangely the screenshot application icons>> snap and view were still present on the top.. i just left it for 5 min but it did not seem to stop...
    iTunes detected my phone and also syncing normally...but the phone remained like as before..flickering constantly...did not no what to do coz iBrickr stopped working long ago....i thought i would delete or uninstall the screenshot application but how??.....
    i even tried calling my phone whilst flickering, it was ringing on the callers side but screen still the same
    i was so annoyed i turned the phone off....and started searching the forums if anyone had encountered the same problem but there where no traces of such a problem...

    just after 10-15min later when i thought ill restore the phone downloaded the firmwares connected the phone and powered it up....
    the blinking booted...Eureka..everything normal
    but strangely still the wicked screenshot icons where still if laughing at me saying didnt we screw ur happiness??...

    i was delighted first thng i did was to uninstall the screenshot application...

    so what did i learn from all this....

    1 screenshot application sucks...atleast for me

    2 hard reset on iphone doesnt act like hard reset(it should boot something like safe mode after reset but it does not)

    3 applications somewhat still run even after power off..coz the screen shot application was still running

    4 iPhone battery does not charge when powered off ...i tried doing it for a safe restore

    5 strange that the iphone recieved the call(coz it was ringing on callers side) but there was no trace of it not even a sound or vibration

    6 finally if some application troubles you firstly try hard reset pressing the sleep/wake button + home button simultaneously until it reboots if everything fine okay else turn it off leave it like that for sometime say 10-15min dont try to reboot again and again i dont know how but that strangely worked for me(left it powered off for 15min unknowingly)..


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    Yes Screenshot definetly has some stability issues. (I experienced this myself)

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