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Thread: Ringtones without HACKING!!!

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    Default Ringtones without HACKING!!!
    With the new Garage Band update, it allows you to make custom ringtones and then send them to your phone.

    Simply take whatever mp3 or song you want, and just drag it into garage band, cut up the parts you want, up to 20 to 30 seconds, and select the send to itunes ringtone option. Thats it!!!!!!!!!!

    No more purchasing a song through iTunes just for a ringtone! Or having to jailbreak just for Ringtones.

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    It cant possibly be that simple... Can it?
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    It can and it is. Whipped up a few new ringtones last night for my wife's new iPhone.

    Also, in addition to using your own mp3 files, you can also use anything from the iTunes Plus store, at least, as near as I can tell, this is allowed. I'm no lawyer, but the usage agreements preventing use of iTunes Store purchases seem to apply only to the iTunes Store, not the iTunes Plus Store, which lacks the DRM. iTunes purchases will not load into GarageBand, but iTunes Plus ones will.

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    Where is Garage Band for Xp when you need it? - Easily create your own Cydia Repo.

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    I tried it but everytime I click "Send to iTunes" it never comes up on my Ringtones section?! How did you transfer the file from iTunes to your iPhone?!

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    Not 'Sent to iTunes', 'Send RINGTONE to iTunes', it's a new menu option with GarageBand 4.1.1. If you're on version 4, run Software Update to pick up the update. If you're on 3.x or earlier, you'll need to buy iLife '08. If you're on Windoze, get a Mac.

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    iPhone Ringtone Maker FTW!

    Ironic too.

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    send to iphone ringtone isn't selctable when i try. its there just cant click on it

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    It works fine for me, but when I increase the volume level of the ringtone with an audio editor and use Garage Band to send it to iTunes' ringtones, iTunes seems to reduce it to the original level...

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    YESS! and im on mac!!
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    This sounds great... I'll have to attempt it later on.. still haven't jailbroken my replacement phone yet... trying to see if I want to or not.

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