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Thread: SSH install issues. Help!!

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    Default SSH install issues. Help!!
    I am running the first command for installing SSH, and get an error.

    Here is the syntax

    (iPHUC) /: getfile /usr/sbin/update /phonedmg/sshkit/update
    remote: /usr/sbin/update
    local: /phonedmg/sshkit/update
    AFCFileRefOpen: opening remote path '/usr/sbin/update'
    AFCFileRefRead: reading 8924 bytes into buffer
    getfile: Failed to open local file '/phonedmg/sshkit/update'
    (iPHUC) /:

    And i did follow the suggested directory structure to make things simpler for myself...

    Please help!!

    - Daerid

    I ended up having to place a /Users/<username> in the front of the local MAC path to make these work, but it appears to be funtioning.

    Will update when I am completed.

    LOL. Now that I have it all installed, I need to find an SSH client app for the mac
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    Thanks for the GUI client, a huge help.

    I'm also having the same problem with iPHUC where it's defaulting to the root directory of the whole computer on the local side. In order to put or get anything i have to punch in the full path... eg /Users/username/phonedmg and whathaveyou.

    I'm using the binary of iPHUC that was compiled by sterickson on this forum, I coulnd't get the damn thing to compile on my g4. I think there's something wrong with my readline install but that's besides the point.

    Is there any way to change the local directory that iPHUC looks at by default?


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