I dropped my phone at work today from a height of about 4 feet. The lining of my shorts pocket was also very slick and my phone fell out at about 2 feet several (probably around 4) other times throughout my 6 hour work shift. Anyway, the last time I dropped it, I picked it up and the screen said "this accessory was not made to be used with iphone, would you like to put into airplaine mode so there's less radio interference? y/n?" Anyway, i mashed "no" and then tried to use the home button to back out to my springboard; however, that key is not functioning when i press it. Upon getting home, I tried to hard reset it many times, but it always just rebooted. anyway, I finally held the off button on the top to power off, but now, I cannot make the phone boot again. Any Ideas? Help, please? Firmware was 1.1.1 Unlocked with IPSF to Suncom.... but I think its really a hardware problem... Any suggestions on gettting it fixed?