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Thread: Clarification on where I stand, ty in advance.

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    Thumbs up [Solved] Clarification on where I stand.

    I've searched the forums for a couple hours without a clear answer.

    Network: (blank)
    Version: 1.0.2(1C28)
    Model: MA501
    Modem Firmware: 03.14.08_G

    I haven't activate the iPhone. I finally sold my Blackberry and want to play it safe and follow the rules from here on out.

    I have run a terminal script allowing me to use everything but:
    1) youtub 2) text 3) phone features

    As i understand this is called "Faked Activation."

    I can run the "glorified" iPod with or without the simcard. I get an invalid SimCard error from time to time. I have a functional ATT sim from my blackberry and the sim that came with the 1.0.2 4gb iPhone.

    I have not touched the update button in itunes or updated leopard or tiger since I ran the script.
    (I have a couple leopard machines, and my work machine is tiger.)

    I do -not- want to do any hacks, third party apps, or tricks from here on out... too squeamish at this point.

    Am I safe to update to current?

    If not:

    Do I need to:
    Restore normally through itunes then continue?
    "Fix" the baseband?
    "Virginalize" the sucker?
    "Restore" from 1.0.2 back to 1.0.2 then upgrade?

    Or since I did this myself bite the bullet and see what happens after I upgrade?

    Thanks guys!
    Sorry my forum searching skills are lacking today!
    *my eyes are bleeding with pain*
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    Viginizeing is to fix baseband. You haven't touched the baseband, you haven't unlocked the phone. You can't downgrade 1.0.2 FROM 1.0.2, you already have it. i don't know if anyone uses the fake activation because you can unlock it.

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    Thank You!

    1. Downloaded "iPhone1,1_1.0.2_1C28_Restore.ipsw" from this website
    2. "Option-Clicked" the "Restore" button in "iTunes 7.5 (19)"
    3. Selected the "iPhone1,1_1.0.2_1C28_Restore.ipsw" on my "Desktop"
    4. The iPhone went back to requesting to be plugged in for activation
    5. After I put the iPhone back in the cradle without updating past 1.0.2 I synced my Contacts, music, photo's, videos, and podcasts
    6. This morning at ~12:45 (-7 GMT) I "clicked" the "update" button and let iTunes do the rest for 1.1.2

    Results as of 13:05 (-7 GMT):
    Everything is 5x5 and in the green!

    Rock on Mac-Hack community! Even Apple admits you guys have helped the market share!

    Damn shareholders!

    (Wait till the tablet's out, Steve and Cuper. Legal will back off hard core then.)
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