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Thread: tether in os x

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    Default tether in os x
    i cant do this.... i could use the help from someone that has actually done it in os x...

    i found these not only to be the only set of instructions out there, but to be confusing, seeing as they were written with pc users in mind, but do mention compatability to os x (intel only, sorry) users

    so if any of you have successfully done this, please assist

    and i forgot to ask, is all lost if i updated to the new firmware through itunes.... i read somewhere that you cannot use iphoneinterface with the new firmware......... someone help please....... i've tried everything, and this is very important to me that i am able to do this......

    i think that the new iFuntastic should include the option of installing these things to enable the Edge support for your laptop
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    I, too, have attempted tethering in OS X but have not had any success. Anyone? Thanks!

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    I am a happy tiphone tethering user....but i just have one question do any of you guys have access to windows ?

    the funny thing for me is my iphone tethering only works when i am logged in osx but i installed the feature on a seperate windows computer
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    Dude, that's exactly what I did and it won't work for me. I installed it on windows and am trying to connect my MacBook... Please detail what you did post install via windows PLEASE

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    Hey cash, can you provide one for the Mac please? Thanks!

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    yes I second it for mac users


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    There seems to be some more questions so I rewrote this walkthru more detailed

    1. Ok if you have never done a hack on your phone the first thing you need to do is follow the directions here

    2. Download

    3. Unzip that file to the desktop

    4. Open terminal (applications then utilities)

    5. Type the following
    cd Desktop then enter
    cd tetherkit-osx then enter
    chmod u+x * then enter

    This gives you permission to run these files in unix.

    6. Move jailbreak out of the cd tetherkit-osx folder to another folder such as documents, you will see why later.

    7. Change back to the phomedmg folder that you made in the step 1 walkthru.. you do this by typing cd and then dragging your phonedmg onto the terminal (it will automatically type the link for you)

    8. Drag the jailbreak from your phonedmg out of this folder and onto your desktop.

    9. Drag the jailbreak you put in the folder from step 6 into your phonedmg folder

    10. Type ./jailbreak this will run the new modified jailbreak, follow the jailbreak instructions, holding the 2 buttons for 25 sec.

    11. Type cd in terminal

    12. Type cd Desktop/tetherkit-osx in terminal, this will put you back in the correct folder.

    13. Type ./ into terminal and hit enter

    14. Follow the on screen instructions (restart twice)

    15. Use the Nervegas writeup to create a systemwide proxy in OS X

    1. Go into your laptop's network preferences
    2. Double-click the AirPort connection to bring up the proeprties
    3. Click the TCP/IP Tab
    4. Select "Manually" from "Configure IPv4"
    Enter the IP address:, subnet mask
    5. Click the 'Proxies' tab.
    Scroll down the list of proxy servers until you come to "SOCKS Proxy"
    Check the checkbox, and in the "SOCKS Proxy Server" box to the right,
    enter the IP address of the iPhone:, and a port number
    of 1080.
    6. Click 'Apply Now' for the changes to take effect

    Hope this was more clear if you have any more questions Ill try to answer them the best I can.

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    Do you type return or enter between #7 and #10? That is, after cd on #7? I think this is where I get stuck. Thanks for this chrissura!

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    It would be sweet if this was an option in iFuntastic! The tool already works flawlessly. And to be able to incorporate the tether function would JUST MAKE MY YEAR!!!

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    how do u do this for windows..i installed it already but i dont know how to use it...

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    Ive tryed to jailbreak on my mac 20+ times already so that i can introduce the srelay and tether. But i can never get the jailbreak to work. I can do everything else using ifuntastic. But i cant seem to get the jailbreak to work following all the instructions from here, and if it wouldnt be hard. Could you guys maybe include it in the next version of ifuntastc?

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