So I downloaded a bunch of new apps. earlier and when I got out of installer it did the normal loading thing and when to slide to unlock screen. I unlocked to find that it looked the exact same as before, as if none of the apps installed. So I went back to Installer and made sure they were installed and sure enough they were. So I went to customize, rSBT and saw that they all were there just hidden. I moved them all to extended springboard and saved it. Now this is where it got funky. I went to the home screen, it loaded, went to the slide to unlock and Unlocked it to find a blank black screen with just myStacks (Which still works). To be able to use any apps I have to use

Now this is where I encountered the weirdest thing...I went to settings to find it being the iPod Touches Setting screen...Just Wi-Fi, Brightness, General, Music and Video.

Then I noticed I had the iPod as my carrier logo...

I've tried messing around with rSBT and it just freezes my phone. I deleted apps, reinstalled done everything except restore.

The reason I dont want to restore is it takes like 2 hours to put all my stuff back on there. Any ideas what I could do to get my iPouche (iphone mixed with itouch) back to iPhone?