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Thread: terminal password permission denied

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    yes that is where my ip address was from. top line IP Address I am using a Linksys wireless router.

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    and you're certain you're trying to SFTP on port 22, right?

    don't mean to sound insulting. could be something simple.

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    yes that is correct i am trying to sftp using port 22.

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    hmmmmmmmmmm ...

    can you try again then copy and paste the terminal window result in a post, eliminating all sensitive personal data, of course.

    oh wait, you haven't been able to log in via cyber duck / fetch / etc., right? iow, you haven't even gotten to the terminal portion. correct?

    have you installed ssh on the iphone? again, don't mean to insult, just want to cover everything.
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    if i do another restore firmware 1.0.2 will that reset the root password to dottie.

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    good question. we know something is farked up. it's worth a shot, right?

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    i have installed the OpenSSH v4.6p1-1 using the iphone installer app and all the other apps community sources etc... in the correct order.

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    try deleting and reinstalling all of them.

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    i am in the process of restoring my iphone yet again. BSD Subsystem is downloading at the moment. I will get all the apps up and running and try to terminal using the ip address that is actually mentioned, but i think i know what will happen! i will post a reply when i am done.

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    please do. here's to hoping it works this time.

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    i am back to the same place again!! Terminal using my iphones ip address with the 102 at the end, finishes with a timed out error.
    Using the ip address 101 ends with password errors permission denied etc...
    Not much fun for me!! But boy can i restore an iphone pretty quick now and load up apps!!
    i will upload the terminal screen shots for both outcomes.
    let me know what you think?
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    so i just tried the same approach with my phone. got the time out error in terminal. went back, checked and turns out i had the auto-lock on. i set it to 'never' and was able to ssh in. don't know if / why that would help.

    this shouldn't make a difference but try using "ssh root@[iPhone's IP address]"

    have you attempted to use independence to change the password? just thinking that since the passwd command no worky that might be worth a shot.

    sorry for all the theoretical stabs...

    another question. are you trying to do this via wifi? that ip address could be your router. have you checked that address to confirm it's actually the phone?
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    how can i go about changing the passwd using independent? And dont worry about the theory stuff its all worth checking and double checking etc... I do appreciate your help.

    Yes the ip address is that original number, the router is similar but has a single digit at the end.

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    one of the newer versions of independence allows you to change the password via their GUI. If my memory serves it's the version used w/1.1.1. only problem is that version of independence may / may not work w/1.0.2. going this route you may need to revert back to the old version. also, be sure to delete all signs of independence before using a legacy version. one quick, easy way to do is w/app zapper. trial copies are free.

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    Could this be my problem, that the version of independence 1.2.5 that i have been using to activate and jailbreak, does not work properly with 1.0.2!? Which version of independence should i ideally be using with firmware 1.0.2?

    I have managed to change the passwd using this recent version and it still does not work, I am having the same problems? I think i need to get rid of independence 1.2.5 and use an earlier version, what do you reckon?

    Regards, by the way which part of this large planet are you from? You are doing a great job keeping me going at this iphone!!! It will work eventually i just know it.

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    ah-ha, that may be the key. try using independence 1.2.1.

    i'm in minnesota, u.s.a -- home of the little purple fella who sings about red corvettes. you?

    happy to help. i like the problem solving.

    and yes, it will work eventually.

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    I am in Dubai the UAE, so pretty much the other side of the planet. no little fellas singing about red corvettes here, but there are a fair few corvettes, a very cool US motor.

    I have already started restoring and jailbroken using indepenence v1.2.1 I will let you know soon enough if this works.

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    ah, lucky you. i understand dubai is a fabulous place. many friends and relatives have been there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johncam View Post
    Is there away to change a forgotten iphone root password, buy getting into the iphone and replacing the passwd file in /usr/bin, or any other method for changing a root password that has been forgotten?
    If you have Erica's utilities installed, I think it comes with "passwd". If you run this program on your iPhone (using mobileterminal), you can reset your root password without having to know what the current password is.
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    didn't realize you needed erica's utilities...good to know...thx.

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