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Thread: Please Help!!!! Very Wierd....

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    Default Please Help!!!! Very Wierd....
    Long read so bear with me please....

    Ok, so I was on 1.02 (modded , not unlocked) and had all my apps running smoothly, except for a minor problem with customize. It was specifically with J'sclassicapple battery image, it wouldnt load for me, so I uninstalled then reinstalled it and my phone froze. So I rebooted, and i get to the apple screen when all of a suddenthe screen starts flashing between the apple logo and a white and black striped screen!
    The wierd thing is the dock sunburst thing was visible on the bottom of the screen and still worked....sort of. The icons would pull up, but when i tried to use the app, it would freeze. So I was forced to restore and update to 1.1.1, but now I have a problem. My wireless will not work.
    I have turned it on, selected my home wireless network, it says it connects, the signal bars at the top come up in full, but when I try to do anything over the internet (itunes store, safari, or installer), the bars disappear and it switches back to edge.
    I restored again, and it did the same thing, I restored to factory network settings as per some advice I googled and nothing.

    Can somebody please help me?

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    Default hey
    go read the other posts ill explain what happened to u theres a bug with iswitcher from what i noticed and the themes last night my phone bugged out really bad and i had more then jus a striped black n white screen so had to reinstall the firmware and start from scratch this has not jus been happening to u n me its everyone who has been using iswitcher and the new themes i got my phone back up and running the way i like it with all the apps i needed i didnt install to much so i could see what would have caused that area so to make a long story short the phone worked properly all day till recently i was at work i had turned my phone on and got that screen u had i almost wanted to throw the damn thing but i noticed my cell didnt freeze up as bad as last night the icons and everything loaded but very slow so i managed to work my way back onto the installerapp very timely finally i deleted all the themes which are involved with iswitcher and the program itself then i held the off button til the slide bar showed it took me bout 10 minuted then i rebooted my cell and its working great now

    also find it wierd that all this junk has been happening after the site came out i tried to use it with my 1.1.1 version firmware after i had to reinstall it all to factory new and that jailbreakme didnt do crap i clicked dl and the safari just crashed each time i tried so gave up and dropped to 1.0.2. again
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    So what do I do to fix my wireless, cuz thats the major problem I have?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffmjr View Post
    So what do I do to fix my wireless, cuz thats the major problem I have?
    did u do a force reboot on the phone to see if itll work.... hold the power and home button down until the apple sign comes back up ...... also reboot ya base station.....
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