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Thread: Convince Me to Update from 1.0.2 to 1.1.1!

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    Default Convince Me to Update from 1.0.2 to 1.1.1!
    I have been holding off to update to 1.1.1 simply because I am so comfortable modding in 1.0.2. I know that updating is inevitable....

    My question is, is 1.1.1 as stable now as 1.0.2 when it comes to modding and having all of the apps work? My faves are Summerboard, Customize and NES..... I have never unlocked my phone so I'm not afraid of it bricking. Just concern about the overall stability and ease of use under 1.1.1.

    Your thoughts appreciated.

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    I was hesitant for a while. But I finally did it about a week and a half ago. It is very easy and I am very happy I did it. It is stable. I use all the same apps without a problem. So my opinion is go for it.

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    Don't do it... because...
    SummerBoard is unstable on 1.1.1
    Customize would rather hide all your icons than work properly

    Do it because:
    You want to use the iTunes music store
    You want to side scroll vs up/down scroll
    You want to run the MobileAddressBook app

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    Quote Originally Posted by CyberGreg View Post
    Don't do it... because...
    SummerBoard is unstable on 1.1.1
    Customize would rather hide all your icons than work properly

    Do it because:
    You want to use the iTunes music store
    You want to side scroll vs up/down scroll
    You want to run the MobileAddressBook app

    I agree with Greg here, I dont care for any of the 1.1.1 features that Greg mentioned so I will be going back to 1.02 since its more stable with the apps and works just fine. Not to mention all the volume increase hacks works on 1.02 by just modifying the plist files.


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    Thanks for the heads up. It seems that 1.0.2 is now becoming infected with some apps that have recently been released for both FW versions. I find myself uninstalling a couple of updated apps as they are making my phone behave erratically. Had to restore a couple of times.... But I guess it goes with the current state of "post 1.1.1" era...

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    According to Apple insiders, Firmware 1.0 was a hack quickly put together so they could get the iPhone on the market. There were a couple of patches made (1.0.1 and 1.0.2) but 1.1.1 is a complete rewrite and is supposedly the most stable.

    There's lots of benefits on both sides of the argument, but I'd do the update for one simple reason: 1.0.2 has been left in the dust. If you want to use any new stuff coming out, you better be on 1.1.1

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    I updated to 1.1.1 and jailbreaked my phone on a AT&T network and everything works fine for me. the only thing I had to do when you first start the customize app I had to start it 3 times then it was working fine.

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    Because your tired of scratching the walls of your cave.
    It's 2007 and time for your to join us

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    I have not upgraded to 1.1.1 yet and from reading the posts here it seems as if I

    should. I dont know how to go about starting the process. Do I update Itunes and

    then update the Iphone, because Itunes says that 1.0.2 is the current version?

    I am not unlocked so I too am not worried about bricking just want to get caught

    up with everyone else.


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    just update and go to easiest thing ever
    MyPhone is better than yours

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    i had my phone freeze up today (1.0.2) i HAD to res9tore so i thought what the hell might as well virginize and upgrade, and now i am using 1.1.1, custmize crashed about 4 times before it worked and now its working (not all features though) i cant tell if there really is a sound difference in terms of loudness i am thinking its exactly the same (or i might be going deaf), summer board so far is working gr8 and i love the sideway scroll isntead of up and down, i have used the double tap home button feature to reach to favourites, the double space period is pretty much useless to far i dont regret upgrading (except for the ease of adding ringtones using send song) but i figured its time to upgrade since i want to feel like i have a new phone again (wich i did not)

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    What about familiar modding like using SSH for roms, themes, ringtones, etc?
    ... and battery life? Really close to "getting out of the cave"!

    ... Also the preferred method for jailbreaking on 1.1.1

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    well everything seem to work just fine, i realy abused my phone yesterday with instalations and fiddiling around with it to kind of test 1.1.1 and i am yet to have a major problem (ofcourse after almost everyapp i install i reboot, just to be safe), i have the dim walpaper setting on summerboard off (comes as standerd), as for battery life, i have ssh, bluetooth and wifi (when i dont use it) all turned of so its for ringtones, i converst the songs i want to aac on itunes, have a playlist for them called ringz, sync them with my iphone and then use send sone to make them a ringtone (however they do disapear everytime i sync, but i think there is a fix for that somewhere)....nes roms work well, i play monopoly all the time b4 i sleep, and no trouble there, installing them was easy using cyberduck i did forget the password but then remembered it was alpine so no problems there, havent really fiddled around with terminal, but if i get any problems there i would let you know....
    as for jailbreaking, well i used independence 1.25 but there is also wich seems to be very promising because it jailbreaks, installs installer, and fixes the tiff exploit on ur phone, but i have not tried that yet...

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    Thanks for the info abuimad! Appreciate you shedding some light on this.

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