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Thread: ssh failure

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    I had this same issue and I solved it after hours of messing around. For some reason it will just not work if I have wireless security (of any kind) enabled on my router (this means that if you are password protected to login wireless it did not work for me. Basically I just turn protection of, reboot router, do whatever SSH deal I need to do, and then turn protection back on. When protection is on I am able to get wifi and internet working just SSH. If you are having issues and nothing you do solves them, try turning off security. Just don;t forget to put protection back on. One night I forgot and had 6 leeches sucking my bandwidth the next morning

    Quote Originally Posted by sanju View Post
    can some1 please tell me what SSH is and what it does??
    Essentially ftp with encryption. If you need to know what FTP is, well, google would love to explain it
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    i've tried cyberduck, transmit, fugu, and terminal on my mac and i still can't connect to my iphone.

    this is the msg i receive:

    "ssh: Error resolving hostname 00: nodename nor servname provided, or not known
    Connection closed"

    Please help, i really need to ssh into my phone and fix the country code on appsupport cos i'm sick of having to rememeber the no in my msg and then to go to keypad to type it out t osee who just smsed me......

    your help is most appreciated.


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    Default Ssh!!!!?? Important??
    does it matter if i leave it on or off? its been on since i downgraded and then upgraded back to 1.1.2 w/ oktoprep and i also read that it eats up a lot of ur battery too..

    also..what is this ssh? i tried to look but couldnt really find out :/

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    Default router..
    Maybe sounds stupud, but since i didn't see it mentioned here:

    Did you configure your router/airportstation to allow/get access to your iphone's ip?

    If you already knew, dont bother, if you have a Q or dunno how, let me know.. (kinda Mac-only)


    Johnny Crash

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