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Thread: Things I need before I get an iPhone

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    Default Things I need before I get an iPhone
    Hi all,

    I'm a new comer to this forum. It is very informative.

    I'm very tempted to get an iPhone but I'm living in Asia Pacific region so I have no choice but ship it and "make" it work. If things go right I'll get one very soon.

    Anyway, before I get one, I really wanted to get all the things ready so once I get the phone, I can work on making it work the way an iPhone is supposed to be. I've read through many of the threads here but seems I can't quite get a clear picture of what I should gather as a whole.

    First of all, I want the phone work at my place. So it's a activate->jailbreak->unlock process, right?

    Now since by the time I buy it it'll be well after week 39 and so it certainly will come as firmware 1.1.1. From what I've read I could see these are what I need:

    1. the phone itself, together with cable
    2. a computer running OSX (I'm using iMac intel OSX 10.4.10)
    3. itunes for later connection, song syn... etc. (is there a restriction on which version to use?)
    4. iNdependence (just downloaded 1.2.4)
    5. the ipsw restore file for firmware 1.0.2 downgrade
    6. a wireless router for connection to the iPhone via SSH

    Please kindly let me know if I've missed something or I've put something extra there.

    If everything goes fine I'll have it all done in 2-3 weeks. And I'll try to report here.

    Thanks a lot

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    instead of using independence to jailbreak you should use the one click mac jailbreak method. search it in the forums and you will find it. its alot easier than doing it manually. hope everything works out. lata playa


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    thanks swell.

    Yeah I've done some search on the jailbreak thing. There are quite a number of them but I just focused on the OSX ones. 3 caught my eyes:

    1. Dev Team Jailbreak

    2. ONe click 1.1.1 jailbreak for OSX

    3. iNdependence

    Option 1 is detailed but lengthly... and one has to deal with console... thanks but no thanks.
    Option 2 seems to be the easiest, but it's too easy, and I have no idea what are the steps taken (FW downgrade, activate, jailbreak... etc)
    Option 3 is somewhat in between, with nice UI.

    I realized that for my case I have to do an unlock in the end. And this has to be done after the activation and jailbreak so the anySIM can be installed to the phone via SSH. iNdependence seems giving me more of the control while keeping everything in GUI (and I've found some step by step guide ). And on top of that, I can install applications using its interface later on. So in this sense my vote is still for iNdependence.

    However, among the guides there seems to be something unclear to me: must there be a sim card inside during the whole process? When do I have to insert my own sim card?


    And I'm going to have someone to get an iPhone for me.

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