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Thread: FW 1.1.1 unlock, am I right?

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    Default FW 1.1.1 unlock, am I right?
    Hi guys!

    Ill be getting my iPhone in a couple of days now. Im pretty shure it will be a FW 1.1.1. Of course I want to unlock it.
    Im running Windows Vista on this machine but if necessary I can borrow a MacBook to hack the phone.
    Having read a couple of guides now Ive made my own plan of unlocking, using the macbook cause there is no 1.1.1 windows method without downgrade yet?, can someone confirm my guide?

    Disable sim PIN and automatic sleep mode on the phone.
    Hooking the Iphone up through USB.
    Quitting Itunes but leave phone plugged in.
    Load up independence 1.2.5.
    Click Activate.
    Then click Jailbreak wait to finish.

    Now im not shure anymore:
    Drag Anysim 1.1.1 to the applications folder? Or how do I get Anysim 1.1.1 on the phone otherwise?

    Reboot the Iphone and lauch Anysim 1.1.1.
    Wait for it to finish.

    Is this the right way? Any help would be appreciated
    Im sorry if this is a noobie question. All the guides are so different and im shure that there is a new one written every day, its confusing

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    since you are going to use independence (mac only) then let the help section in independence guide your way, its fairly simple i suggest reading it now b4 doing anything, and if you are still confused then post back and i or anyone beating me to it will post a walk through for you or link an easy walk through for you to follow....

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    Hi guys!

    Got my iPhone and a mac to work on

    Ive loaded independence but it asks me to downgrade and then reupgrade. So thats what im gonna do. Its the same in this guide:
    Which im gonna use.

    So should I use this guide and then install Anysim at the end using Independence 1.2.5?

    Thanks for helping me out!

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