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Thread: Disable Finder window pop-up

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    Default Disable Finder window pop-up
    I recently mapped my network HDD to my MacBook Air and made it so it reconnects when I log into my profile by adding it to my login items for my user profile. However, when I log back into my user profile, the drive successfully connects, but a Finder window pops up with the contents of the drive. Is there a script or something I can use to disable this feature? I know the Time Machine drive does not duplicate this behavior when it connects. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Hmm. I used to deal with this myself. What I ended up doing was create an applescript that would connect to it without opening a Finder window, and putting that applescript on the startup list. If I can remember that script I will post it here for you.

    Okay it is actually relatively simple.

    	mount volume "afp://IPAddress/NetworkShare"
    end try
    Copy that code into Applescript and save it as an application. Of course you would use the proper IP Address and Network Share name. Also if it is not afp just swap that for smb or nfs, whichever it may be. Put that on your startup list and remove the drive from your startup list.

    BTW if you use login name/password to log into the network drive, then it would be like this:

    	mount volume "afp://login:[email protected]/NetworkShare"
    end try
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    Pretty simple solution, but it proved to be very effective.

    Thank you!
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    Thanks guys! Now I know how to disable!

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