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Thread: [noob]Moving from PC to MBP, iTunes problem

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    Default [noob]Moving from PC to MBP, iTunes problem
    Hello all, I'm new to the Mac scene so I'm sure this may be an issue that is covered extensively elsewhere. I've looked but I'm not really sure what to search for. My thanks in advance for your patience.

    I've recently changed from a PC to a MacBook Pro. Now, I wanted to sync my iPhone with my iTunes account that I was using on my PC. I can log in with my details on my MBP and the apps/tunes are there but I have no contacts. This is a problem.

    I sync with the PC; they're not there. I sync with the MBP; they're not there. I look at my contacts on the phone; they're.... you get the message.

    Is there a file or group of files hidden away somewhere on either comp or are they gone? I know that a lot (/most/all) of this site is way over my head but I figured that where better to ask?

    I hurl myself on your collective mercy.

    Well from the views/reply ratio I guess I've asked in the wrong place.

    Can anyone recomend a better place to pose my question?

    Again, my thanks.
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    Did you check your address book in your Snow Leopard? Are there any contacts there? iTunes account doesn't store your contacts on the cloud except you're a MobileMe subscriber. So if you didn't sync the contacts to your either PC or Mac I am afraid that you lost them...

    Check the address books.

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    Thanks for your reply Manca.

    I'm still finding my way around this OS that is alien to me but I'll have a good look again.
    Am I right in thinking the following: iTunes knows about my purchases for apps and tunes but contacts are local?

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    Did you have your contacts in Outlook when you were on a PC? If you did then when you sync in itunes you plug your phone in and then left click on your phone name on the left hand side of the itune screen and then under the info tab you can check sync address book contacts and make sure all contacts is dotted.

    If you did this on your PC before you synced on your Mac you should have your contacts then. On your Mac the little brown book with the @ on it is your address book and once you fill them in there you will be able to sync them to your phone.

    You stated out with your PC and if you had contacts there in Outlook you will be able to sync them to your phone and then sync to your Mac... get my drift?

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