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Thread: How to Install Mac OS X on My PC(Windows7)

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    Default How to Install Mac OS X on My PC(Windows7)
    How do I install Mac OS X on My PC the Windows 7...?

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    Asking for help is different from being stupid. Fanboys can rot in @#$%!

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    That is one BAD tut.. To Install Mac get ANOTHER MAC... Wtf? Do you think everyone lives in US?

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    The easiest way if you want to dual boot is Empire EFI if you want Snow Leopard but you need a retail disk so it's legal. Go to Prasys' Blog and look at it. You can find some tutorials as well at Google.

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    Has apple released the kernels for the i7's?

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    So lets say that I have amd athlon x4(quadcore), then I will have to apply a fix right?

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    Here is a Tutorial and a half. im half way through using this tutorial at the moment its in one easy step. all you need to have is an intel proccesor and some basic knowledge of computing

    Hack Attack : Install Leopard On your PC in Just One Step | DailyApps

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    someone ripped me off on this :K

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    The two places I found very useful are insanelymac and tonymacx86 (tonymacx86). I used tonymac's instructions to get my hackintosh up and running. He has built some tools to further simply the whole process called iBoot and Multibeast. I haven't tried them yet so can't comment on them.

    Pretty much all the intel chips i3, i5, i7 are supported now. Graphics card is a big factor as to whether you can get your hackintosh running. Motherboard is the other big thing.

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    I too suggest going onto insanelymac and tonymacx86. They both have very useful guides. I got my duel boot to work thanks to those two sites.

    I personally go for the distro install. They are more suited to the pc's. Even if you have an amd pc. But they do need to be set up correctly. If you don't, then your install will not work correctly or even crash. But read up on the different installs available and which is suited best to your set up.

    For distros, do a search for hazard, iAtkos or iDeneb and make sure you read their guides. And most importantly, read up on what kext files you need to install to get your set up to work correctly. If there is a kext missing or doesn't work during your install, then go to and search for it on there and use "kext easy installer" to install them

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