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Thread: How can I restore my iMac?

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    Default How can I restore my iMac?
    Okay there is something seriously wrong with my iMac and I don't have any type of support left from Apple. My iMac has been running really slow lately and even freezing when just having Firefox and iTunes open it's ridiculous. I'm trying to just restore and start out fresh, but my iMac won't restore! I have put in both my original Leopard disc that came with my iMac and my Snow Leopard disc and my computer just won't boot them. My optical drive reads and writes discs just fine normally.

    Here is a video of what goes on when I try to restore.
    [ame=]YouTube - Infinite iMac reboot when trying to restore with Leopard disc.[/ame]

    I'm also trying to reformat my hard drive to one partition and not that 5 that it some how has become.

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    Are you able to boot into the disc utility at startup by holding down c at startup?
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    I just tried with the Leopard Disc in the optical drive and it wouldn't allow me .It doesn't get past the gray screen.

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    Insert the Leopard or Snow Leopard Disc. Hold down the "Option" key. Wait for the disc icon to appear and click on it. Then go to Utilities and click on Disk Utility. If Disk Utility doesn't work, try a repair installation. If that doesn't work or it doesn't past the gray screen, you might have to get a new hard drive.
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