Ok heres my question, for a large deployment, ie an enterprise type situation where your dealing with hundreds or perhaps thousands of users is it possible to create a cluster of machines where CPU and RAM are both utilized, like a beowulf cluster and multiple servers would be run as virtual machines. This would allow for scalability as the demand for resources grow one could simply add more nodes. As this is pertaining particularly to an OS X server deployment a couple thoughts I have had are the following:

1) Use an XServe as the controller in a load balancing beowulf cluster.(or whatever it is referred to in a beowulf cluster) Then submit vmware as job to the cluster. Now theoretically this could work but since you need to assign resources to any given vm vmware will only see the available hardware on the host machine so in fact this approach isn't very feasible.

2) While researching this subject I came across some vague reference docs in regard to clustering VMware ESXi. Does anybody have any experience with this or knowledge on the subject. If this functions as a beowulf cluster would it seems it would possible to put together a cluster of servers and have them function as a super computer and run multiple guest operating systems. Of course OS X would need to be hacked to run on this sort of config but my question in regards to this is does ESXi see all of the clusters CPU and RAM resources? If so this seems like it could be a fairly scalable solution and would allow full utilization of resources. I am still a little confused on how one would deploy this type of solution though.