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Thread: Upgrade to two harddrives, second HDD abnormally slow

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    Default Upgrade to two harddrives, second HDD abnormally slow
    Hey everyone! Until a week ago, I was running my MacBook Pro solely on an SSD (OCZ Vertex 2). Since I needed more space for bigger files and didn't want to destroy it with the constantly changing download folder, I decided to finally get rid of my SuperDrive.
    The caddy I bought isn't the best one, I thought it's all made in China anyways, so might as well buy a cheap one. I decided to put my SSD in the caddy as it doesn't have any moving parts and put the HDD (original Apple 250GB) in its designated spot.
    So now my system is running on the SuperDrive's SATA port and the HDD on the original one.
    My system isn't causing any problems, it boots fine and runs as usual. The HDD however is very slow.
    I put my entire iTunes library on it as well as my downloads folder. When I open a regular divx clip that's in my downloads folder it plays back very choppy and I can't even listen to music without the song skipping a couple of times.
    How is that even possible? I remember before I upgraded to my SSD, I used to listen to music all the time and never got any problems, and my entire system was running off that hard drive. Now the only thing that should access the HDD is iTunes, but it can't load a 5 MB song in 3 minutes?
    It's the stock hard drive in the designated space, connected to the HDD SATA port, so that can't be the problem and since my system is running fine it can't be the caddy. Is my hard drive broken, or did I forget something or is it just because it's not meant to run two hard drives?
    I'm pretty helpless, I just can't figure out what's causing it to hang
    Not even google brings up anything, just how slow it was before and how incredibly fast it is after the upgrade to an SSD, that's pretty much the opposite to what I have.

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    Did you try a PRAM reset? each time I have swapped drives (orignal to 7200 rpm to SSD) I have had to a PRAM reset to get the system running "fast"
    to do a pram reset
    hold down: option + command + R + P buttons and then power, keep holding until the buttons down until you hear a second bong, then release.

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    Well, turns out to be a pretty "simple" problem. Today I had some time and after trying to listen to iTunes I was fed up, so I decided to switch both hard drives. Took several steps, first reversed everything the way it was, put the SSD in the hard drive space with no extra HDD, launched fine. Then I put the HDD in the caddy and nothing seemed to be working anymore.
    I tried to boot from Lions recovery partition (comes in quite handy when you don't have a DVD drive) and my partition showed up grey. I tried to repair it but it crashed somehow. Trying to boot into recovery again failed, so I tried booting from a USB hard drive that I had lying around with Snow Leopard on it. I couldn't format my SSD either, so I thought it's the SSD that's broken. I put the HDD I could boot from in USB in the slot and got the same problems I did with the SSD.

    Apparently, one of the two SATA ports is broken. I'll put everything back in place and go to the Apple Store, I'm still in warranty. In fact, 4 weeks ago I got a new top case so they switched over all the internals, broke something on the logic board so I got a new one, maybe they put in a faulty one to begin with and it's not even my fault.

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    Just to keep it updated in case anyone should ever have a similar problem: Turned out it was just a defective flex cable. Took it to the Apple Store and they put in a new one. Replacement cost (covered by my warranty) 42.
    Works like a charm now

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