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Thread: Macbook Pro Problem

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    Exclamation Macbook Pro Problem
    Hey people.

    I recently bought a Macbook Pro 15 inch i5. a while ago it started to get slower. over time it slowed down very much and even started to get stuck when i was just working for about 3 minutes each time. the only thing i could do while it was stuck was move my mouse. i couldn't do anything else. it got worse and worse and worse. until it wouldn't boot up anymore. it just got stuck at the spinning wheel on the apple boot screen. i reinstalled snow leopard with the cd that came with it. i didn't format my harddisk, and when it was installed it would boot up, but it still remain as slow, and with the crashing apps. it still got stuck everytime. i erased my whole harddisk and installed snow leopard again. everything was fine. a fine new laptop. 3/4 weeks later it started to get slow again. and the whole cycle started again. it got slow, apps were crashing. i am even unable to start iphoto. i have to open skype (example) a few times before it is stable and runs without to crash. until now. it won't start up anymore and i am tired of this. i am doing the apple hardware test right now so i don't know if it is a hardware problem. i already repaired an verify'd my harddrive via disk utility on the installation disk. i don't know what to do anymore. i don't want to send it to apple anymore.
    Reason: i had a normal white macbook a few years ago and it wouldn't boot up as well after i dropped it. i send it to apple and they didn't react anymore. i had to send a letter and they just came up with a problem. the harddisk was "broken". i would cost 600 euro's to repair while if i buy a harddisk myself and build it in it would cost me only a hondred. after a while it seemed that the harddisk wasn't broken at all. i was just able to install leopard again. they lied to mŽ.

    do you guys have an explanation for this or an idea how to solve this problem?

    thank you all!
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    You should consider using Disk Utility to see any if the disk is bad or not. If it is, boot to your Installation Disc, open Disk Utility and repair the disc.

    Otherwise, you may have a bad hard drive.
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    I have an older model MacBook Pro and I keep on getting a Black screen and it is difficult to restart the computer. If I do not let the computer go into sleep mode it will function okay. Does anyone have an idea as to why this is happening and if so is there a way to eliminate this problem?

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