hi guys
i have bought wrecked up Pro off fleebay for next to nothing. now im trying to get it working.
whats gone:
screen cracked, bezel bended
possible liquid damage to MB, liquid damage to lefthand I/O board
Keyboard with housing missing keys, possible liquid damage
housing bended, heavily scratched.

now,knowing all these things are not working, it will take a lot of effort to get it working again, not talking about money...
i have stripped it down to the last screw, have bought working MB off fleebay (cca $140), another I/O board (working, at least thats what seller have said). i have fitted all those into it and tried to turn it on. one of the fans starts to spin, but thats almost all the life signs you can see (apart from the charging light).
Now, do i need to connect all the peripherals back? i mean, do i need to try it run with screen plugged in? how about HDD?
if the RAM modules arent correct, it should at least beeps thrice. until now, not a single sound it made.
so, what do you guys thing, what else should i get?
money isnt a problem, as it is just my hobby, to try to get an old crap working. its that lack of knowledge what worries me...
thanks for any sugestions