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Thread: What is a good MBP forum ?

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    Default What is a good MBP forum ?
    Hey guys. I love modmyi for my iphone stuff... but i just picked up a macbook and i need some advice on beating apple care and checking to see if there is any water damage... could anyone recommend me to a good mac book pro forum with a similar mentality and crowd to what we have here?

    I know for a fact that this computer has never gotten wet and I need to take it apart and confirm this before I take it into apple

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    I could recommend some with similiar mentality as our forum, however our forum is honest and what your asking is to cheat Apple Care, so I guess that wouldnt help you.

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    Great Point! I should emphasize that this computer never got wet, I just do not want to get tripped up in b.s. before they replace the thing. I am having issues with my trackpad.

    Any recommendations for a forum?

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    Well, if you know for a fact it doesnt have water damage, then I recommend not messing with it, cause if they can tell you opened it the warranty is void. And they can go as far as taking a UV light to check for fingerprints, no joke.

    Anyways, there are several, here are a few big ones:


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    CPJR - thanks for the insights. But none of those forums have the same "hacker" appeal of modmyi... I do not know how else to describe it.

    Does anyone have any other suggestions?


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    Ok...didnt want to do this but you leave me no choice....

    Im not real sure of any other decent Mac sites off hand....

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