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Thread: Auto Arrange icons?

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    Default Auto Arrange icons?
    I am very new to the macbook world and I was wondering is there a way to auto arrange items in your folders because I am very anal about my folders and its anoying to have to arange them manually so that they all line up neatly


    If I have helped you then thank me.

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    I'm not near my Mac
    But I can try to remember

    Open a folder, right click the white space,(to right click hold the key to the left if the spacebar, Control I think, and left click with the mouse)

    Go to Properties/options? I believe it's at the bottom of the right click menu

    All the settings should be in there if there is not a set as default checkbox then click on the desktop and find the same menu in the top menu bar

    Trying to help but it's been so long since I've done this, if I can remember I'll try to respond with the exact way when I get home in about 7hours unless someone beats me to it or if you figure it out please post it

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    When I right click no properties option comes up but I open up the finder preferences there is nothing about auto arrange that I can find.


    If I have helped you then thank me.

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    You'll have to check each menu individually as there's a sub-menu above the arrange icons by menu

    The answer I believe is "keep arranged by"

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    Click on the desktop
    Click on View on the file menu
    Click Show View Options
    Arrange By Kind or Label
    Use as Default

    Right click in a folder
    Goto Keep Arranged By
    Goto Kind or Label

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    Good job responding to a dead thread over 2 months old

    Good answer though just watch the dates on these threads
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    Quote Originally Posted by saradalton View Post
    1- open a new finder window
    2- go to view
    3- choose show view options
    4- change the arrange by to whatever u like
    5- at the bottom click use as defaults
    and all your folders will be organized by the way u want them to be and they are automatic as by they wont get screwed if add sthg it will just go to its right place...

    Good Luck
    Yeah, thanks for that. I'm the same the op.

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