Hi guys, i am trying to reduce the space in my study, and get rid of some dvds. I want to rip them in a great quality to an Iomega Minimax 2TB drive, but i dont want to loose all the extras, deleted scenes, audio commentary etc, which i usually bought the movies for.

Can anybody recommend:
a) a software which rips the whole dvd (ideally in a way that i can just watch the movie or open the dvd itself on any Mac or possibly apple tv without any issues)
b) the settings i need to use to convert it in a high quality, so that i wont have to re-rip again. I want to be able to watch the ripped dvds on my full HD tv, or on my imac, or even on my iphone and still have awesome quality and no compromise, as if i put the dvd into my dvd player. Which file format should i use? (mp4? mkv? etc.), what should be the frame ratio? etc.

I am trying to use handbrake right now but its taking too long. i put in my desperado dvd 2 hours ago and its just at 74%.

I dont mind paying for a top notch programme, as long as it does the job quick and painless with great results. I have about 250 dvds i want to convert and dont want to sit the next 6 months just ripping them.



PS: I have a macbook pro 2.26 GHz, snow leopard and have tried imtoo dvd ripper standard and handbrake already