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Thread: Theme software for MacBook w/10.6 OS X?

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    Question Theme software for MacBook w/10.6 OS X?
    So, I'm new to the world of Mac and still trying to make my way around this Alien technology Steve Jobs acquired from the Area 51 to make the Macbook Pro and Snow Leopard 10.6 OS X.

    But back to the topic, Is there a program for Mac, similar in nature/function to Window Blinds program for PC, that allows you to change the look of your Mac by adding themes to your Mac like that of Window Blinds that is compatible and works on the new Snow Leopard OS? If not, is there a program that is compatible with Snow Leopard OS that will allow you to change the look/style of Safari for Mac?

    I love my new Mac, yet still getting use to it since Its a totally new experience for me, but I really want to personalize and change the look of the interface for a more personal look. I've seen in the System Preferences under the Appearance tab that you can change the Appearance color between either Blue or Graphite for the look of the buttons, menus and windows but was hoping to find more colors or a way to change the look of the entire interface.
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    im not sure there is as i would love the same thing. im also looking for this as i have seen an iphone/ipod theme called EIGHTos on here that has a wallpaper theme like the ipod theme and would love that have a look its really something i would love to get my desktop to work like that theme. good luck and happy hunting

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    I'm not sure one does exist although santaf did create a custom skin for the dock. I guess we will have to wait for a Mac jailbreak.
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    Yeah the dock is customizable, as well are the icons using lite icon, candybar or of course chaging them manually. Although some icons like finder, and trash have to be done using one of those programs. You could try googling shapeshifter, magnifique and themepark I don't know if any of them have been updated to snow leopard though..

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    definitely candy bar added some flavor to my mac, its at 3.0 right now, changing the icons are way easier this way than doing it"manually" its just drag and drop. As far as awesome backgrounds go to match a style preference I would go to deviantART: where ART meets application!. There is some amazing stuff that is posted on there and there aren't any crazy attachments involved.

    Add: 3.0 allows you to change the way your dock looks also.

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