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Thread: iPhoto 09 Faces In The Wrong Places

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    Default iPhoto 09 Faces In The Wrong Places
    Faces in the wrong places

    Several users have reported an issue in which certain face categories (individuals) inadvertently merge with other face categories (individuals). In other words, Suzie's pictures are merged with Jack's or vice versa.

    One reader writes:

    "I have just been enjoying the new "faces" feature on iPhoto '09 (8.0.0) but I now ran into a very annoying bug... On relaunch, iPhoto merges some of my friends' faces galleries. Jack gets into Paul gallery. I first thought that rebuilding the library would help, but after a peaceful start, iPhoto restarts doing the same with the same people."

    Unfortunately, Time Machine does not appear to recognize iPhoto's faces, so restoring from backup is not a viable option.

    We have not yet discovered a fix for this issue, but are investigating.

    Does not recognize Internet connection A number of users have reported a problem wherein iPhoto '09 does not recognize a valid Internet connection.

    MacFixIt reader Klaus writes:

    "Has you have described, my iPhoto does not regonize my internet connection ("Your computer is not connected to the Internet"), although I am definitely online. Connected through a USB wireless broadband connection (which by the way is not showing any data throughput in the Activity Monitor´s Network section - related to the iPhoto bug?)"

    Another reader adds:

    "Just upgraded. Places function says I am not online."

    It appears that this issue may occur with PPoE Internet connections, as are frequently used by ADSL modems.

    Try navigating to System Preferences > Network, then access the Set Service Order dialog, and make sure that a built-in interface (e.g. AirPort or Ethernet) is at the top of the list.

    Problems with libraries on external drives Some users have reported problems accessing iPhoto libraries on external drives after the update.

    One reader writes:

    "iPhoto sees my library, and tries to update it, but then fails with an error that says something about the version I am using isn't correct for this library. The smoking gun is that the library lives on an external USB drive. The drive was formatted FAT32, so I removed everything and reformatted it. It didn't make any difference, same error."

    If you are experiencing a similar issue, please let us know.

    Blank map, other location problems Users are experiencing a number of goetagging-related issues, including blank maps and a complete inability to use places.

    One reader writes:

    You tag a photo, and then the world map behind the photo goes blank. Go to Places, and the map view is blank, but the column view works."

    Another adds:

    "iPhoto places will not work on any of my 3 macs. When first loaded it was slow bit did work as expected. Since the although I get no message the search wheel just keeps spining when I try to look for new location."

    Mac OS X and iPod Troubleshooting, Support, and Help - MacFixIt

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    just a side note:::

    in Faces... are you remembering to delete the ghosts boxes?

    Ghost Boxes = faces that iphoto THINKS are there but really arent. They show up as empty boxes waiting on a name.

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    I like the feature, but sometimes it's hit or miss.

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