I've taken a bit to play with it before doing this simple writeup. This is about life with a Mac, Mac life tools... so I used it for a while to see how it worked with my life. Unlike iWork '09, the iLife '09 upgrade is worth the cash. Garage band has a whole new interface and integrates with other programs such as Logic making it a very useful program now, moreso than before. It's more organized, and more powerful in feature rich options. ......me likey.

iPhoto has facebook integration as well as other social networking tools built in now, and gps enabled support for geo tagging. That alone is worth the bucks, but the real glory is in the new tools for image editing. iPhoto is inching closer to edging out Aperture and one day I believe Apple will drop the Aperture project and hand the stand alone field to Adobe's Lightroom since they have made such an effort to integrate Aperture's tools into iPhoto. You heard the prediction here first.

iMovie has gained more features as well, including the aforementioned geo tagging and several other features that make iMovie nearly as powerful as iMovieHD from the previous version.

iWeb has listed substantial upgrades on the Apple site, however I am not an iWeb user so I don't have much to say about it.

The iLife '09 package is where Apple has obviously put their efforts (while practically avoiding iWork upgrades like an ugly baby).

Anyone with a Mac should have iLife '09. Period.